Friday Facts

We spent the weekend in SoCal – again! – for Mother’s Day, because why the hell not. It’s nice to get out of town. I found this cute idea for a Mother’s Day gift online and I totally went with it. It was just a nice, sweet little surprise for my mother-in-law.

There is not much to say about the weekend as it was lazy and relaxing with lots of down time and plenty of iced coffee. Just how I like it. But,… but, we went to Santa Monica on Saturday!!! We just started driving down the coast and somehow ended up in our old ‘hood. It was nice to be back. I miss living in Westwood/Santa Monica.


* * *

I am feeling all the BiSC-nostalgia today. I was hanging out with a bunch of (awesome!) Internet people in Vegas last year around this time and I truly wish that this was happening again this year. I miss you all.

* * *

It’s been super hot here the last week (scratching the triple digits) and I keep thinking “this is too early, it’s not summer yet!”.  Also, did you know that 100% of California are now in a severe drought — or worse? It’s not good, guys.

* * *

I planted some herbs and tomatoes on our patio and can’t wait to harvest my own stuff again. I actually got some basil and parsley from my “garden”  already, but I hope the rest won’t wilt away in this heat.


  1. Oh how I miss the ocean! My little California heart breaks for it. That said, I’m quite content with Tennessee’s green, humid spring. I don’t miss drought season at all :/

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely Mother’s Day! Is Mother’s Day celebrated in Germany?

  3. What a cute gift idea! I’m definitely gonna copy that at some point. I think my sister would like this.

    Sorry about BiSC. We could have met up in LV… Gonna be there soon.

    Sounds like you had another great weekend!

  4. I live so close to the ocean yet I haven’t been in so long, this needs to be remedied stat!

  5. I finally got around to planting some things too and I can’t wait to have fresh tomatoes and herbs.

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