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+ When a couple goes shopping at Trader Joe’s and both stand there, arms crossed and watch the store employee bag their groceries after ringing everything up. This annoys me especially when there is a long line at the checkout and they brought their own bags and could have just started bagging their own stuff. What the hell?

+ Not having met our next-door-neighbors (the ones to the left) despite the fact that we’ve lived in our house for 4+ months now. We even knocked a couple of times to introduce ourselves, but they were never there. Hmpf. Awkward.

+ Did you notice how much spinach you have to cook to get a decent serving? I am always shocked how much spinach dwindles away when you cook it. I usually buy frozen spinach for cooking which is a little less disappointing than seeing two 8 oz bags of fresh spinach shrink down to the size of a tiny side dish. (What I am saying, though, is that I love spinach.)


+ My bff finished her proton-radiation therapy (don’t google this. It’s awful and I am so proud of her for going through it!)  and I really, really hope that it did what it was supposed to do: kill the leftover cells of her brain tumor. The sucker needs to be gone for good now.

+ Running at Santa Monica Beach. I can’t tell you how excited I was to be training in a different environment from my usual running route. I (feel like I) don’t have too many options when it comes to running routes around my neighborhood (the park it is! And to be fair, I like our park. A lot!), but being able to run a long run at the beach two weeks ago was awesome!

+ Weekend Netflix catch-up sessions. I don’t really watch that much TV during the week (besides the news) and I’ve been enjoying some Netflix catch-up time on the weekends lately. A couple of uninterrupted me-time (watching whatever the hell I want).

+ Watching my little (potted) garden grow. I hope I’ll see some fruit-bearing soon.

+ My Mom put together a little photo book from our birthday party in March and sent it to me as a surprise in the mail. What a sweet gesture! I love it! Thumbing through the pages made me realize though – we barely managed to think about taking pictures that day. Time flew by so quickly and there are so many photos with people I wish we would have taken, but didn’t (for example: a picture of my sister and me with both our parents *fail*).

+ Homemade granola. No, seriously. I feel so stupid that I hadn’t tried making granola at home yet until I had an a-ha moment a few weeks ago. It’s so easy, relatively cheap (cheaper than store-bought stuff for sure), you have full control over the ingredients (mostly the amount of sweetener that you use!), and it’s a healthy (and may I add: delicious!) way to start your day. Why wouldn’t everybody do that??

  1. We still haven’t fully met all the neighbors in our building. We’ve exchanged quick hellos with a couple of them and we know who to expect to see around us, but that’s about it.

    I’m terrible at remembering to get pictures with my family when I’m home. We snap dozens of the kids, but I think the last time I had a picture with my parents was at my vow renewal. I’m making it a priority on the next couple of visits to get pictures of all of us together.

    1. Maybe I am making the neighbor-thing too big of a deal? ;)

  2. Haha, yes… in the USA we are not taught to bag our own groceries but it iiiis so awkward NOT to bag your own groceries at Trader Joe’s!
    Cool to hear about your potted garden… always gives me hope! This is the first year I’ve planted vegetables (leafy greens) living here (with a northern facing balcony) … so far my geraniums haven’t blossomed :( How’s yours going?

    1. Good luck with your vegetables. Mine are SLOWLY coming along… I’ll take some pictures soon.

  3. Super awesome that your BFF has access to proton beam therapy! So much more targeted so there are less side effects than regular radiation. Glad she is done with it and I hope the therapy was successful!

    And ermagerd yes on the standing around and waiting for your cashier to bag. I don’t have an issue with that if he/she is bagging while ringing up but no, just no, on idling while the pile gets bigger!!

    1. Yeah, I read about the proton beam therapy. It’s seems much more targeted, but the “mask-part” is kind of awful, I hear.

      I am glad you feel the same way about the grocery bagging… ;)

  4. I do get the spinach dilemma. It’s just no fun and I buy frozen one too. Eat the fresh one in salads and smoothies. Good luck with your garden.

    1. Haha, I am glad you understand the spinach dilemma ;)

  5. Does California have National Night Out in August? I am not sure what states participate in that but it’s a nice way to meet your neighbors! That’s kind of the only time we see people on Phil’s block, it seems, except when people are out with their kids. We have met our neighbors, though, but they are a bit odd! But it could be worse, of course.

    Awkward = getting around on crutches. I’ll be soooo glad to ditch them when I’m cleared to walk on my own.

    Awesome = all the support and help Phil and my friends and family have offered as I’ve been recovering.

    1. I’ve never heard of National Night Out … but maybe I should look into it? :)

      I am so glad you’re recovering and for all the help you have (and are willing to accept ;)) through this time.

  6. We’ve been in our apartment for three years and I only sort of know our neighbors. It’s so strange sometimes, ha. Also, huzzah for Netflix watching and Santa Monica beach runs.

    1. Maybe this is how it is with neighbors? We didn’t really KNOW the neighbors in our old apartment either.

  7. Don’t get me started on people who don’t help the cashier bag. We actually help at every grocery store we go to and don’t just stand there. Actually we give people dirty looks when they don’t help.

    We’re actually some of those people who don’t introduce themselves to next-door neighbors. Oops! We like to keep to ourselves in case our neighbors turn out to be annoying (which some are).

    Two things I’ve found for taking pictures at parties – first off, don’t depend on a fancy camera; just use your phone. Second, if you have time beforehand and can do so, set up a small makeshift photobooth. Doesn’t have to be intricate, but just a place to encourage people to take photos with props you can cheaply order off of Amazon. They make for fun photos!

    Best of luck to your friend! I am hoping and wishing her ALL the best that she regains her health and that damn cancer is gone for good.

    1. Haha, I am glad you feel me on the grocery bagging issue…. it’s a pet peeve of mine!

      Oh, I love the idea of a photo booth… why didn’t you tell me that BEFORE I went to Germany, woman?? LOL

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