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I received my latest ePantry shipment last week. I know I may sound like a broken record, but I love ePantry and would recommend it to anyone! ePantry is a local, San Francisco-based small business and I love to support them. If you haven’t heard of this superb “subscription” service for environmentally friendly household goods and personal care items, you need to check it out. I put subscription in quotation marks because it doesn’t carry a membership fee and there is no monthly commitment; you can tailor your shipment schedule exactly to your needs. I personally get a shipment about every other month, but it’s totally flexible. They also have very cool promotions going on all the time. 

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Can we talk about the size of Marco Rubio’s ears for a moment? #GOPdebate Has anyone else noticed that his ears are HUGE? I mean, it was so distracting.

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Super-excited to show off our new home to my friend Susi this weekend. She’s been lovingly bugging me to be allowed to come over. We’re nowhere near finished setting up every room, but the more important question is: will we ever be? I see an Ikea trip in my near future.

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I am having a hard time hitting my step goal on the days where I don’t run (3 out of my 4 work days). If I manage to make it outside on my lunch break, I can get about 4000 extra steps in, but if I don’t, it’s really hard to hit even 2500. How do you guys with an office job fit in walking? My lunch break is relative short (30 minutes) and I work 10 hour days, so there’s not much flexibility. I know I could technically go for another walk in the evenings, but to be honest, that doesn’t really happen very often. Maybe I need to start taking longer lunches and stay later? Suggestions welcome.

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Do any of you have an American Express (True Earnings) Card that is tied to your Costco membership? Apparently, Costco and Amex will be going separate ways by the end of March and the True Earnings Card will be discontinued. Strangely, I haven’t officially heard from neither Amex nor Costco what our options are… are you going to switch to a different cashback card? If so, which one?

Happy weekend!

This post does contain affiliate links. If you decide to join ePantry via this post, you will receive $10 towards your first order and I will receive a $10 credit on my ePantry account.

  1. My steps are ridiculously low working at home, like, LOOOOOWWWWW. I need to up my game, for sure.


    1. I am glad I am not the only one ;)

  2. I love ePantry! I should be getting my next shipment pretty soon. Like you, I get a shipment about every other month.

    As you know I don’t measure my steps, but what I do at work is get up and walk around about every 1-2 hours. Just for five minutes or so. I don’t usually take a lunch break either (I just eat at my desk). When it does get warmer, I sometimes go outside and walk around the block in the middle of the day just to get out. Lastly on my way home from work, I walk about a mile down to the metro (I skip changing lines this way and just get on the direct line that takes me home).

    I’ve never noticed Rubio’s ears, but now I will!!

    1. I am so happy to hear that you also love ePantry! :)

      If I get up to walk around for 5 minutes, that would be a huge chunk of my work day … ;) but I know what you mean! I do get up and walk around, but it amounts to much fewer steps than I originally thought. I do try to get outside every day during lunch time, but I still won’t hit my daily goal (not enough time).

      Haha, pay attention… there are already talking about Rubio’s ears on MSNBC.

  3. If it wasn’t for my walk to and from work, my steps would be low, too. But I get about 5,000 with my walking commute and then more if I run. It’s hard to fit steps in when you have a desk job! I don’t take a lunch most days, but if I do, I will usually try to eat at my desk and then take a walk to get some exercise. Maybe try doing something like that? Although I imagine it’s tough to do that when you are working a 10 hour day…

    1. That is what I am basically doing… I do got outside on my lunch break (almost) every day, but get much fewer steps in then I’d like… it’s great that you’re getting so many steps in during your walking commute! That’s actually the perfect solution!

  4. My step count has been way low the last couple of weeks. Even though I move some in my classes, I really don’t in my lessons. If I don’t force myself out the door for a run in the morning or for an extra long walk with the dog in the evening, I end up well below my goal for the day.

    Based on my experience of five months of home ownership, no you never feel like the rooms are done. I’ll let you know if I ever feel like we’ve finished.

  5. I guess it’s not so uncommon that on the days you don’t work out, there aren’t as many opportunities to get steps in during a regular work day (unless your work involves walking) ;)

  6. I’m assuming your goal is 10k. And I’m not sure how far you run but you could always increase your mileage on your runs to make up for the deficit on the days you don’t run. But 10k is not a hard science. If you cycle for pleasure or to run errands, you can miss out on some of the steps. You’re getting a better cardio exercise and working out different muscle groups. Just think of the Dutch. 30-40% of them choose the bike as their form of transport, which means they’re not getting their steps in. But they’re in much better shape.

  7. the harsh realities of having a desk job. ugh. i have very few steps, except when i’m traveling. :/

    i asked the guy at the register at Costco this weekend, and he wasn’t even clear on the exact date of transition, just that it’d be sometime during the summer. we currently use an amex that doesn’t give a ton of points on costco purchase, but is very good for 3% on restaurants & 5% on office supply stores (where we stock up on gift cards for other stores). :p

  8. When we asked Costco, we were told that we would get a VISA replacement card when the transition is made. We shall see.

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