A little makeover and announcement

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Oh look! My blog got a little makeover. I didn’t really want to change too much, but I was itching for a little facelift. If you’re reading this through a feed reader, hop on over and check it out and let me know how you like it.

I have long contemplated to jump on the bandwagon of connecting my blog with other social media accounts and while I have links to my other social media accounts in the sidebar, I don’t really link back from there to here.

For some reason, I can’t seem to completely commit to being a “public” blog (which I technically totally am, of course). I don’t want to put a link to this blog on my (private) Twitter account, because I signed up with an email that I also use for Facebook and it has connected me with people who don’t know that I have a blog (and I prefer to keep it that way).

I know a lot of people have created their own Facebook page for their blog and while I like the idea, I also don’t want to mix (most of my) Facebook friends with blog friends. Silly? Maybe, but that’s the way I feel. So, I decided to make an Instagram account solely for my blog to inform you about new posts and other happenings. It seems like more and more people are moving away from subscribing via feed readers and new blog posts are “advertised” (I hate that word in regards to blogs, don’t ask me why) and checked out through social media channels (like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) anyway. Since Instagram is my preferred method of communication in connection to my blog, I thought this was the best way to go (although I will still link new blog posts on my Twitter account as well – I just won’t have the blog link on my public profile).

If you’re so inclined, you can add theinbetweenismine.blog to your Instagram list. If you’re getting updates through other channels, that’s fine too. I just thought I’d make it easier for people who prefer Instagram.


  1. I love it! It looks really great. I totally get what you mean when you feel like you need to have a blog face-lift, even if it’s something small. I like doing that from time to time as well.

    I hear you on the “marketing” of blogs, so to speak. I haven’t linked my blog to any of my social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram). But there are a few occasions I’ll tweet from my private Twitter account a new blog post. If I remember and feel like it. With Instagram, I just have my account linked on my blog so that those who do read my blog are free to also follow me on Instagram (but not necessarily vice versa).

    By the way, it looks like Instagram is working on making it possible to switch between different accounts. Hope that is rolled out soon!

    1. I think you and I approach the blog-social media connection in a very similar way ;)

      And yes! I heard that some people already have access to multiple logins through their Instagram account (I, of course, don’t)… so here’s hoping that they’ll make that available to all soon!

  2. I completely understand where you’re coming from. One of the reasons why I never really WANT to put so much effort into my blog and make it “bigger” is that I fear someone I don’t want to know I have a blog finds out about it. I want to put effort into it and connect with new people but not have people from my old life or current environment read long. It’s really tricky. Having the Instagram account seems like a great idea! :) And I love the new look, it also somehow fits better onto my (small-ish) laptop screen. <3

    1. I am so glad you understand. It’s indeed a tricky situation. I am not sure I have found the perfect solution yet, but I think the IG account is a good compromise.

      On a different note, I am glad that you like the new layout and that it fits better on your screen. One issue I had with my old theme was that it didn’t seem to be properly responsive for different screen sizes, so I am glad to hear it’s working better now :)

  3. I love the new layout! It’s so clean and fresh :) My blog is a public-but-private blog – I have a couple of offline friends who read it, but I don’t post about it on Facebook or Instagram for all the reasons Kat stated above! I want to build community but I’m not entirely comfortable with people from my past or even current life following along. I know it’s something I’m going to have to get over, especially since I’m trying to be more serious about my writing, but ugh. The thought of marketing gives me a stomachache.

    1. I feel exactly the same way. I just don’t want people from ‘back home’ to find it… but then again I love to connect with new people. It’s a two-sided thing!

  4. The new blog look looks great! :) I bet it was fun to freshen things up a bit. It felt good when I did that last year! I don’t reference my blog on facebook but my IG handle is the same as my blog name so I think people who don’t know I have a blog are probably confused about it.

    I am taking a break from social media during lent but when i return I will have to add your new IG account to the list of accounts I follow!

  5. Thank you. Yes, every now and then, I like to freshen things up a bit. And it looks like we’re doing things the same in re: to social media :)

  6. Looks great! I finally gave up on trying not to connect all my stuff because people started finding me anyway, but I am a little envious of bloggers who’ve maintained that anonymity!

  7. I love the changes! I understand what you mean about not being totally public – I do it the same way, some people don’t know and there is no need for them to change that! I prefer keeping my work life separated from my blog life – although if they were to find out – so what!

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