December Favorites


1. I’ve been using the Mailbox app for a while and really liked it, but they’ve announced that they’re shutting the app down in February and so I had to look for a new mail app. I am surprised to say, the Outlook app is one of my two favorites from a total of four mail apps that I tried out this month. Which mail app do you use?

2. This is always on my December Favorites list, because there is no Christmas without Speculoos from Trader Joe’s. It’s so tasty with a hot cup of tea!

3.  Got myself another bottle of the  imported Glühwein (mulled wine) from World Market, because that’s the closest I can get to the German Christmas Market feeling this year.

4. Did you see this year’s Charlie Brown Christmas stamps? They’re the cutest. I loved putting them on our Christmas mailings (and was bummed when I ran out and they only had Rudolph stamps left at the post office).

5. I recently tried a new cheese from Trader Joe’s and Vieux Chimay is now one of my favorites. It’s super-tasty and goes well with bread and a glass of (the mulled) wine. You should give it a try!

6. A favorite part of the holiday season for me is watching Christmas movies. I just love them and was able to check quite a few off my list again this year.

  1. Mmm, I think I need a trip to Trader Joe’s! That mulled wine, do you heat it up? I’ve had it at my in-laws I think!

  2. We got a free trial of Netflix in December so I was able to watch more Christmas shows than I usually do. It was great for the kids too, because if we missed their favourite Christmas cartoon when it was on TV it was usually on Netflix anyway, so no tantrums! YAY!

  3. All cheese is my favorite cheese…

  4. I loved the peanuts stamps, too! I just ran out and am sad to have to move on to a new stamp. :( Although the ones I am using now as DC Cherry Blossom ones so they are still pretty – just not as cute and festive. I only watched 1 Christmas movie and it was Elf. I hadn’t seen it before so it was nice to watch it and understand some of the references or quotes I’ve seen online. I know people LOVE that movie but it was just ‘ok’ for me. I think I waited too long to see it so it was over-hyped for me. I guess it’s technically still the Christmas season until the Epiphany on Sunday so I will have to try to watch a movie or 2 this weekend!

  5. I’ve been using the Outlook app about a week or so after the Mailbox app from Dropbox announced that it was going to be no longer. Using the native iPhone app for Mail was just not cutting it. It was so slow, and I missed all the features of Mailbox. Thankfully Outlook seems to be so much of that and more. :) LOOOVING it.

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