7: The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

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I was nominated by Courtney, American in Germany and fellow expat blogger, for this award (thank you!) and I happily accept and participate! It’s always a good opportunity to learn some random things about other bloggers, don’t you agree?

Here are the rules for this award:
1. Provide a link and thank the blogger who nominated you for this award.
2. Answer the questions (s)he proposed.
3. Nominate other bloggers for the award.
4. Ask these bloggers 10 questions.

Here are Courtney’s 10 questions to me:

1. What is the most unusual item you always have in your carry-on?
The most unusual item I have in my carry-on is probably a little guardian angle my best friend gave me many years ago. I never fly without it and I am always prepared that TSA pulls me out to check my carry-on, because the guardian angle is made from some type of metal and sometimes shows up on their “suspicious item” screen.

2. What is your favorite social media platform?
My favorite social media platform hands-down is Instagram. I love to share a pictures (a picture’s worth a thousand words, right?) and how easy it is to connect over Instagram.
What I don’t like is when people use their IG as photo storage (and ‘spam’ everyone’s feed with a gazillion pictures of the same object from 10 different angles) and when people mistake IG for their blog (and write mile-long captions underneath). That’s just not what it’s there for, IMHO.

3. You are going on a weekend getaway 4 hours away. What do you prefer: driving, going by train, or flying?
I guess, for a getaway 4 hours away, I don’t mind driving. In fact, I’m always up for a good road-trip as part of the getaway.

4. What are you in the mood for: a relaxing beach vacation or a trip to a big city you have never visited before?
I usually prefer city trips over beach vacations, but I wouldn’t mind either ;)

5. What is your favorite breakfast food?
As the proper German that I am, my favorite breakfast food is fresh rolls with cheese and deli meat. However, my usual go-to breakfast (that I like just as much) is steel cut oats or granola with fresh fruit.

6. Have you ever had a vacation destination not live up to your expectations?
Not really. I love traveling and I never felt that going anywhere was a waste. Maybe I liked some places better than others, but having had the experience was always worthwhile.

7. What is your favorite non-US TV show?
Oh boy, that’s tough…. and it’s probably not going to make sense to anyone who didn’t grow up in the 80’s in Germany, but I think one of my favorite non-US TV shows was “Ich heirate eine Familie“.  Anyone remember that?

8. You are going out for the evening with friends – what drink do you order?
I order a margarita on the rocks, no salt.

9. What is your favorite souvenir that you bought on a trip?
The mug from Boston’s “Thinking Cup” coffee shop.

10. And lastly, share your favorite inspirational quote!
I don’t know if this is my absolute favorite (there are so many!), but it’s definitely one of my favorites!

“Owning our own story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do.” – Brené Brown

– – – 

Here are 10 questions from me:

1.  What is your guilty pleasure?
2. If I were to ask your family and friends, what would they say is one word that describes you?
3. What is one of your blogging pet peeves?
4. When was a time in your life when you took a chance? 
5. What is one activity you like to do for self-care?
6. Brunch or dinner?
7. If you could live in any country for a while, where would you want to live?
8. What is the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?
9. What’s your favorite pair of shoes?
10. Recommend one of your favorite blogs.

I am nominating everyone who wants to play along… but especially my fellow NaBloPoMoparticipants, in case you need a post idea for one of the days! :)

  1. German breakfast was so hard for me to adapt to when we lived there. I am not a cold cuts girl at all yet I’m not the type you can make it from breakfast to lunch with just pastries. We lived in a hotel for our first month there and I had to work hard to adapt my eating habits so I could eat breakfast.

    I’ll definitely be answering your questions later this week!

  2. Love this – so much fun reading through your answers! Hope your weekend is wonderful!

  3. I thin I would do really, really, really well with a German breakfast. YUM!

    I can’t stand those spam Instagrammers. Why oh why must you spam everyone like that?! So annoying.

    One time TSA stopped me and took away a small bottle of shampoo I had which fit in that stupid plastic bag size they want us to put it in all because it wasn’t EXACTLY 3 ounces, but instead maybe 3.1. Yes I rolled my eyes at them.

    Thanks for nominating me! I’ll make sure to do this at some point as I know I will (and already have) run out of ideas for writing something!

  4. I understand people who use Instagram as their photo storage, but it still irks me. It just clogs up my feed and drives me absolutely bonkers. Also, not every.single.thing you (the universal you! Not you specifically) do MUST be documented on social media/Instagram. As a society, we’re becoming so crazy about documenting our lives online and sometimes, it’s okay to just let things happen and not have to let the whole world know about it.

  5. Ha! Ich heirate eine Familie hab ich auch gern geguckt. Aber ich wäre bei so einer Frage niemals mehr ausgerechnet darauf gekommen :-)

  6. This was fun to read through! I love posts like this as you always learn a couple of new things about a person! I will have to save this post and answer your questions down the road, maybe after the new year!

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