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+ When your mailman doesn’t bother to ring the bell to deliver a (certified) letter on your day off (even though you were home all day!), you can’t go to the post office until the next day to pick it up and then they can’t even locate the letter that the mailman should have at least tried to deliver at your home in the first place. Classy, USPS, real classy!

+ I sat on the couch on Sunday afternoon and when I looked up and out the window, a huge
branch swirled and fell from the tree across the street into the middle of the street in that exact moment. It wasn’t even windy! Bizzare! I guess it’s another ‘side-effect’ of the drought.

+ It’s 95+F degrees outside and they’re freezing us out in my office. The HVAC is constantly blowing 64F degree cold air right above my head. Brrrrrrr.


+ I unexpectedly got to see hug Nilsa, a dear blog friend of mine, and it was the highlight of my weekend. She and her family traveled through my town this weekend and we got to hang out at the park + talk for a little while (and turn another URL into an IRL friendship)! Yay!

+ Sweet mail from sweet friends. ♥

+ Popsicles. That’s all.

+ Running again. I took a – more or less – forced break when my family was here, but it’s good to get back into a routine!

+ Long catch-up phone call with my bff from home this week. She had some news, I had some news. It was necessary.

+ Completely wiped our (four-year-old) DELL laptop last weekend and reinstalled everything. I am surprised how well that went and am stoked how much smoother it seems to run again (however, we had – and still have – a little trouble with slow browser performance on the laptop, mainly “resolving host” or “establishing secure connection” issues. It can’t be the Internet connection, because it’s working fine on all our other devices. Any ideas why that could be? I promise, I already consulted Google and have tried multiple things to resolve the issue – to no lasting avail. Any other suggestions are appreciated.)


  1. I’m actually wearing those same Saltwater Sandals right now!

    So so cool you got to see Nilsa! But boooooo to USPS. Their idiocy amazes me sometimes.

  2. Lol – welcome to my world. I am forced to take frequent breaks outside to warm-up.
    USPS you s*ck – that’s all!

  3. Oh I hear ya on the not delivering even though your home story. Happens in Germany too sit it must be a global disease with postal services.
    And yeah for popsicles and ice cream in general.

  4. I have no words left to comment on the lazy USPS people and service. I am waiting for the day when all mail is privatized and USPS just shuts down.
    Is your laptop showing the same slow connection errors when you connect to other wifi sources, like at work or in a cafe? Are you getting the same error with different browsers?

  5. That is awesome that you were able to see Nilsa for a little bit!! How fun!

    Let’s see – awkward = not being able to sleep and feeling bad over how much my tossing and turning impacts Phil’s sleep. Awesome = the weather we’ve had lately, the fun date night we had with another couple on Monday, and how my swim went on Tuesday.

  6. Canada Post is just as horrible. I’m home every afternoon thanks to my toddler’s nap schedule so I KNOW they don’t attempt deliveries. They just don’t want to carry the packages so they leave a notice on the door. Yay for popsicles! I’ve been making frozen yogurt popsicles – yummy!

  7. I feel you on the popsicles, one of my favorite things about summer!

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