Awkward & Awesome

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  • I keep getting calls on my cell phone for people that used to have this number, I suppose. It’s getting kind of annoying. I mean, I had this number  for, oh, close to 6 years now, people.
  • DST starts this weekend. I’ll never get used to “losing” an hour in the spring.
  • The printer at my office keeps printing an extra page after every print job. The strange thing: it has two smiley faces in the top right corner. Printer ghost?
  • The GOP primaries. Holy moly. It’s almost embarrassing to watch (and of course, we have a word for this in German. “Fremdschämen” means feeling embarrassment on behalf of someone else and this is “Fremdschämen” on the highest level.)
  • Girls who come to the gym with full makeup. I guess, they’re not expecting to sweat or something (but what are you doing at the gym then??)



  • My birthday weekend is coming up and I’ll be spending it in San Francisco. I am so excited about it. If I can’t celebrate with family and friends, I’ll at least live it up in an awesome city! Weeee! ♥
  • Awesomeness related to that: early birthday mail which is sitting on my desk waiting to be opened alongside a fresh cup of coffee on Saturday morning!
  • Inspiring new blogs and interesting and awesome ladies who run them. ♥
  • I found some pretty neat new (WordPress) plugins that I need to share with you in a separate post!
  • I ordered myself a new sports bra (hoping it fits!) and got some new workout clothes (you know, since I committed to getting back into a workout routine). Is it just me or do new outfits have a motivational factor?
  • Also: workout machines with individual TV screens attached to them so that you can watch whatever you want during your workout? Awesome!
  • Spring temperatures. It’s been in around 70F the last few days and I love it!
  • I’m in love with my new morning routine. It may seem like small changes, but it makes a huge difference in my life. (More on that in a later post.)
  • I got this for my sister’s birthday and I can’t wait to hear how she likes it!
  1. Happy birthday! :) hope you have a fantastic time in SF! What are your plans? Also look forward to your WP plugin post.

  2. Fremdschämen INDEED.

    And happy almost birthday!

  3. I love these posts, they’re always entertaining :) Unfortunately, mine would all be awkward haha. I love the picture you posted. It’s been pretty warm here as well and I’m loving it. Skipping most of winter this year has been my kind of winter :) The snow is pretty but it’s just too cold and I hate getting snow in my shoes!

    Happy almost birthday! And I’m sure your sister will like the present!

  4. i get phonecalls for earl smith on a weekly basis, usually doctors offices to confirm his appointment, you’d think he’d tell them that his number has changed *eyesroll*
    agree on the ‘fremdschaemen’, i had to change the channel the other day.
    and a quick tip on sport bras. target has awesome sports bras, they are from ‘champion’ and really comfy.
    yay for san fransisco <3
    enjoy your weekend!

  5. I love that you mentioned “Fremdschämen”! I think it should become a commom word all over the world. It says so much and I feel it all the time :)! And maybe I should have written this comment in german. In diesem Sinne: Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland. Ich lese hier immer gerne :)!

  6. New workout clothes always make me so excited to exercise! I feel you on that. :)

    I may be the only person excited about DST. I am SO excited for it to stay light later!

  7. Your upcoming birthday weekend sounds like so much fun! I have heard wonderful things about San Fran but have never been. I’ll get there some day!

    I love workout machines w/ personal tvs on them. My gym has them and it just makes a huge difference to be able to watch whatever you want to watch!

  8. Can’t wait for DST!!! Finally we have light longer again.

    Wishing you the best weekend ever in SF. Loved the city during our trip.
    And I am sure your sister will love her present. It’s beautiful!

  9. That smiley face thing is seriously WEIRD! Someone is playing a funny joke, you think?

    I cannot stand when girls come to the gym in full makeup. I immediately think they are not serious at all. I’ve switched gyms (same chain, different loc.) because of girls like that. It’s so annoying!

  10. I just got some new work out clothes and a new sports bra as well, need to get back on a daily work out schedule! Good luck! xxx

  11. I’d love to visit San Fran! Hope you have a great trip!

  12. Hope you had a fun birthday weekend!! :) Oh and I also CONSTANTLY get wrong number phone calls even though I’ve had my number for… WAIT FOR IT… 10 YEARS. It has been my one and only cell phone number! So ridiculous. Way to keep in touch, people. Ha :)

  13. I love that there is a German word to describe what the GOP candidates are making Americans feel. We need more words like that in the English language!

    I’m excited to hear more about your new morning routine! I’m glad it’s working for you!

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