June Favorites


1.) I’m in the middle of this book “Love the home you have” by Melissa Michaels and so far I really like it (especially since I’ve been trying to make peace with the home that we have right now).

2.) Trader Joe’s has these delicious German “Nürnberger” sausages and they’re like a little piece of home. They remind me of BBQs back home in my parents’ backyard. My Mom would always make sure to have a dozen or so of these tiny sausages on the grill for us kids. Also, they’re delicious. You should try them.

3.) It’s no secret that I have fair skin and burn easily. That means that I have to be extra-careful in the summer and make sure I wear sunscreen all the time. I’ve been using Kiss My Face SPF50 and really like it. It’s a natural sun screen that smells nice (better than other sunscreen lotions!) and protects my pale skin well.

4.) I finally splurged and bought myself a second pair of Saltwater sandals. These shoes are so comfortable and affordable. I want them in every color, but I went with tan this time and they’ll go so well with practically everything!

5.) I’ve been using the Frametastic App for most of my photo mosaic needs. I’ve tried other apps, but have always come back to this one. There are a ton of different template layouts andthe app is easy to use. Plus, it’s free!

6.) If you’re a fan of licorice, you need to try Katjes ‘Salzige Heringe’ (they’re available at Cost Plus World Market, for example). It’s my favorite German (soft) licorice and I am so glad that I can get a steady supply here.


  1. Yay for Saltwater Sandals! (I’m actually wearing my tan ones today!)

  2. I LOOOOOVE Salzheringe :) Now I want some!
    Just saw your “running-partner” picture on Instagram – very happy for you!

  3. I just bought some Kiss My Face sunscreen – I have yet to try it, but it does smell fantastic :)

  4. Those licorice treats look so good! I will have to see if they have gluten in them and buy some if they don’t (a lot of licorice treats tend to have wheat in the :) )

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