Letters to the universe


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I think Kyria started these posts with little letter snippets to the universe and then  Lisa  and Nilsa posted their own versions and don’t we all have something to put out into the universe sometimes? I sure do, so here we go.

Dear 24 hr fitness – it would be absolutely fantastic if you could offer more than 2 yoga classes per week that are not scheduled in the middle of my work day. Who can take more than 60 minute – lunch breaks AND make it to downtown and then back to the office to attend a class mid-week? Not me. Thanks!

Dear Anonymous 1 – I am a very patient person and always, always have an open ear for someone’s heartaches and problems, but I am also hopelessly optimistic and – after an appropriate amount of moping – like to try and fix things. So, please do me a favor and help me help you by doing your part in the process and I promise, I’ll do everything that is in my power to make things better, too.

Dear Anonymous 2 – whoever you think you are for thinking that you can hack my credit card information and get away with it, you’re wrong. I hope you’re still waiting for the Macbook that you ordered with my information and that you’ll never ever get, because I canceled the order and reported you as fraud!  You’re welcome, jerk.

Dear ePantry – You’re awesome. I’ve only found out about you a couple of weeks ago, but you have amazing, earth-friendly stuff at very reasonable prices, your customer service is stellar and I love to support a small business like yours.

Dear body – thank you for being so cooperative and even – dare I say it? – happy about my decision to get back into running again. I know it’s been a love/hate relationship in the past, but right now, I am thankful that you seem to enjoy it as much as I do.

Dear California weather – I am not one to complain about sunshine and blue skies, but hold off the 80+ degree temperatures for a few more weeks, m’kay? Take these extra degrees to someplace else where they’re more welcome right now (oh, you know, like the East Coast or something).

Dear America – why do you have to hate on us foreign educated professionals so much? The German Abitur is highly superior to your high school diploma (very many mandatory classes that are considered college level here) and yet, you want in writing that I took calculus and physics when I have a Masters degree to show for and those classes were prerequisites to even get into university. Get over yourself!

What letters would you like to write today?!

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  1. our education system is effed up. i don’t understand why you’d have to show evidence of taking those courses when you have that masters either. SO ODD.

    dear body – please don’t get sick.

  2. This is awesome! Love the idea so much, I might have to copy it! :)
    I agree on the education system in the States, and I agree on anonymous #1.
    Oh my lord, someone hacked your credit card as well? It happened to me love a year ago,, thankfully I was able to change all my information before something was purchased! Glad you figured things out as well and hope that f$%§er never gets that Macbook!
    Hugs xxx

  3. I raise my middle finger to the person who stole your cc information. JERK.

    Also exactly 0 people have time in the middle of the day to take yoga unless 1. they work RIGHT next to the yoga studio, 2. they are students, or 3. stay at home parents who have someone who can look after their kid while they take a yoga class.

    And yes, America thinks it has the best education system, degrees, or what have you, but NOT SO. Pfft. Ridiculous.

    P.S. We might get snow on Friday morning. Excuse me while I hide.

  4. Thanks for the shout-out! I thought this was a super fun post idea so am glad you played along! That sucks that your credit card got hacked. There are some awful people out there.

    I’ll take some of those degrees off your hands. We got so spoiled last week with 60 degree weather. Now it’s 40 (which is normal for this time of year) but it feels kind of cold after the weather we had last week!

  5. I wish e-pantry shipped to Canada! I’ve been able to find a few of the items they carry at Bed, Bath & Beyond (I love the Meyer’s cleaning products!) but yeah. I do so much of my shopping online, e-pantry shipping to Canada would make my life a tiny bit easier :D

  6. Doesn’t it just feel better to get some of that stuff off your chest? Let the Universe do her part by taking some of this stuff of your plate! Hmmm, do I have any letters to write this week?

    Dear snow – Feel free to melt.
    Dear head cold – Feel free to go away.
    Dear body – Feel free to adjust to the new contacts!

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