February Favorites


I’m seriously shocked that February is also already over, aren’t you? I feel like I could say that at the end of every single month lately, so there is no news there, but it sure is some crazy sh*t, this time perception thing. Anyway, without much further ado, let me share my February favorites with you.

1.) Honeybush Vanilla herbal tea. This stuff is expensive, but it’s the real deal from the tea store. You can taste the difference. I am totally ok with some of the bagged supermarket teas (they’re not all bad), but loose tea is honestly a whole different ball game.

2.) I already hinted at it in my “Currently”-post, but I am a little bit obsessed with Boursin® Gournay Cheese + crackers right now. But who am I kidding? Pretty much any cheese sounds good to me at any hour of the day, but I am partial to this one this month. It’s so good! I could never ever give up cheese, or any dairy for that matter. Sorry, I am not sorry.

3.) I am always on the search for a (mostly) natural-ingredient-based shampoo for my very fine, oily-at-the-roots hair (a very common, but not desirable mix, let me tell you, and the no-poo method hasn’t really been cutting it for me in the past – maybe I should give it another try? Thoughts?). However, I’ve recently been using Desert Essence Lemon Tea Tree Shampoo for Oily Hair and  I think I might stick with this for a little while. It smells lovely (like anything lemon-y) and tackles the oily roots without drying out the rest of my hair.

4.) I’ve used the Runtastic app for a couple of years already, but I’ve recently invested in the “pro” version and really like the access to all kinds of training plans. I am hoping that this will keep me on track and motivated. Are you using Runtastic?  Connect with me!

5.) Well, I got me some new Brooks Ghost 7 running shoes just this last weekend, but I am already loving them real hard. I had been running in my trail hiking shoes before (which, as was confirmed to me, wasn’t all bad, because they do offer good support, but are pretty heavy… which on the other hand was probably a nice extra workout for my legs) and I was desperate to get some new running shoes. Thanks to you lovely people who gave me some advice and/or recommendations on Twitter, I finally purchased a new pair.

6.) I go through phases with certain fruits and usually like to switch it up quite a bit (the only fruits I always love are strawberries and apples). This month I’ve fallen head over heals for mandarines again. They are juicy and sweet and just a great snack to have around.

What was one of your favorites this month?

  1. Yup, if you gave me the choice between Boursin and chocolate, it would be a very tough decision.

  2. I have an ongoing love affair with cheese and crackers. It’s just so good! A favorite this month… it’s going to sound silly but my favorite pizza place in my old college town now has frozen, fresh pizzas available in my area (they truck them in every two days!) so I’ve been buying them and I add green and black olives to the cheese pizza, just like I did in college and I swear it makes me so happy. Told you it was silly :)

  3. I’ve been using Runkeeper for a couple years now, but I don’t love their training plans. Maybe I will check out Runtastic!

  4. If you love Boursin, I think you’d really like Alouette too (if you haven’t already had it). I could finish those in one sitting.

    I could eat berries all year and pomegrante and never, ever tire of either. But I tend to try and buy them only season (since that’s when they are the tastiest).

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