22: The Causeway Classic

Today it was time for J and I to attend our obligatory annual football game –  the  Causeway Classic – again. It’s the annual Football Game between UC Davis (Aggies) and Sacramento State University (Hornets) and it’s named after the Yolo Causeway, which is a 3.2-mile long elevated highway over the Yolo Bypass floodplain that connects Davis and Sacramento.

Go Ags!

In case you don’t remember, J and I met at UC Davis and attending this local rivalry football game has become somewhat of a tradition for us. J took me to my first college football game during my exchange semester and since then, it has become a “must-go-to”-event of the year. We’re usually both not very much into football (baseball fans all the way over here!), but we make an exception for the Causeway Classic.

As most years, it was supposed to rain today, but we got really lucky. It rained last night and a little bit this morning, but when we headed out to the stadium around noon, the rain had stopped and over the course of the afternoon, the sun even came out for a little bit. It was actually quite nice.

My favorite part? The Marching bands! I find them fascinating and entertaining…. The UC Davis Marching Band is always fun, because they incorporate a lot of modern pop songs into their repertoire. Just listen! My favorites are the guys with the sousaphones.

The game was fun and exciting, because the score was close throughout most of the game. I was able to follow along and maybe finally am getting the hang of the rules a little bit (after all these years, ha!). Even though I work at Sac State campus, we always cheer for UCD, because it’s J’s alma mater (and a little bit mine, too). Davis has a pretty good record overall with 42 wins out of 61 games. However, today they were not so lucky and had to acknowledge defeat to the Sacramento State Hornets with a score of 30-41. Bummer!

But, we didn’t let this disappointing end to the game spoil the end of our day. It has also become a tradition for us to go and get Thai food after the game – and so we did and it was just what we needed after being outside for a few hours. Great end to a (n overall) great day!


How was your Saturday?

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! Whenever I’m in the US, I watch Football (go 49ers) with my former hostfamily, but I still don’t get the rules… just too confusing! :D

  2. What a GREAT tradition!! We are baseball folks, too. :) Hubs us trying to get me into football… but I need a team. Hehe.

  3. That is pretty great that you guys have kept such a tradition. It’s important (I think) in relationships to do so. Builds on past and present happy memories.

    Also! Glad you guys are getting rain!!

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