15: November Link Love


6 Food styling tips for photography. Because we all like to document what we eat and cook!

5 of the most helpful things you can say to someone with anxiety

You want to look into these. Especially if you have experienced being hacked before. Essential security tips for WordPress sites to avoid being hacked.

Love this! I hate flakey friends.Don’t be one of them. What should I say to a friend who is constantly flaking out?

Very helpful. 5 tips to master low-light photography.

My friend Kyla speaks about her depression & generalized anxiety diagnosis. Kudos, friend!

My parents and my sister are teachers. I’d be terrified for them if they had to go through this on a regular basis.

I love what my friend Ashley has to say about why she wants to be a minimalist.

It’s not too late to get organized and print this Holiday Gift organizer .

7 things you should never apologize for. I agree with all of these. Don’t you?

Is that what it means to be an adult? 20 Signs You’re Succeeding In Life Even If You Don’t Feel You Are .

Homemade coffee creamers. Might be life changing. 

Wanna make the most of using Google and Gmail? Here are apps for work and 11 extensions to go with your Gmail.

I don’t know about you, but all my best friends live not just a few, but hundreds of miles away (which sucks big time BTW!), but I am pretty much using all of these 7 tips to shorten the distance between me and my best friends.

People either love or hate Ikea (actually pronounced: ee-KAY-a). I fall in the former camp. That’s why I love all the clever ways to organize your entire life with Ikea.