June Favorites


1.) It’s been so hot here that I’ve transitioned to a lighter, tinted moisturizer during the summer months and I’ve recently purchased Physician’s Formula Organic Wear CC Cream when I was looking for a more natural option. So far, I really like it. It’s soft and creamy, applies well and almost feels like you’re not wearing anything at all. Perfect for this kind of weather!

2.) Häagen-Dazs Vanilla Milk Chocolate Almonds bars: do I need to say more? They’re just the best.

3.) Little Moments™App by Fat Mum Slim – reminiscent of the Beautifull Mess App, this is a new favorite of mine with fun fonts, backgrounds and doodles! Also, it integrates with Fat Mum Slim’s Monthly photo challenge, if you’re into that!

4.) Primal Pit Paste – I’ve ventured out into the world of natural deodorants, because I didn’t want to keep putting potentially harmful stuff so close to my lymph nodes and breasts and I was looking for something that would keep me stink-free. I heard about Primal Pit Paste through a friend’s blog and thought I’d give it a try and it’s quickly become a favorite (separate review to come!)

5.) We often have Music Choice channels on in the background when we don’t want to have the TV on, but are in need of some background noise. “Rock Hits” is currently my favorite. If you want a solid mix of 90’s music (and some 70’s and 80’s mixed in), this is for you! You can also stream it online!

6.) For the last couple of weeks I’ve been going on evening  coffee dates with J and I love them. It’s our idea of date night… sitting outside with an iced coffee and just catching up on the week or talking about this and that. I love how there is always something to talk about with my guy.

  1. I’m interested in your full review of the Primal Pit Paste! I’ve been using Soapwalla and a stick deodorant from Nourish Organics which are both fine, but I don’t feel like I’ve found a favorite natural option yet. Does the Pit Paste stay mostly solid, even in warmer temperatures, or does it turn to a liquid? I’m having an issue with my Soapwalla deodorant jar being very messy to use.

    And I really love that CC cream as well!

  2. Nathan and I have monthly date nights, which I love, but now that it’s warmer we also have “family nights” where we take the kids out for ice cream or go rollerblading or play at the playground. It’s almost as much fun as a grown up date night :)

  3. I totally use summertime as an excuse to eat too many ice cream bars. and that chocolate almond one sounds amazing, adding it to my list now, ha.

  4. I’m looking forward to your review of this deodorant product!

    Your coffee dates sound awesome. Those are my kind of dates. Something that makes my favorites list is quiet nights in with Phil spent watching an episode of House of Card and eating a treat like gelato!

  5. I love the Little Moments app, too!

    I need to find a summertime CC cream or something because my face is totally out of control lately – too much oil which leads to clogged pores, yuck.

  6. We usually have daily coffee dates to catch up on our days. I love this time of day but lately they have to be skipped because either one of us is working too late. But right now I am waiting to have fun. Just minutes… yeah

  7. I really like the Physician’s Formula Organic Wear products. I have extremely sensitive skin and their products are some of the very few I can use. I had no idea they had a CC cream. I have been using their tinted moisturizer and the mineral makeup, but lately I go bare most of the time. I am curious to see how you like the primal pit paste. I may try it some time. I have been using a mineral salt stick (aluminum free) and like it a lot better than conventional deodorants.

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