Friday Facts



This week has really been flying by. I’ve been transitioning to some new responsibilities/tasks at work and it has kept me really busy (so much that I’ve been dreaming of Excel spreadsheets and long data files for the last couple of days! Do you experience this when you’re spending a lot of time with something that is challenging your brain in new ways? It’s like your brain is trying to process all the new tasks when you sleep!).

* * *

Our across-the-hall neighbors are going to move away next month and I am so terribly sad. They’ve become close friends (which were hard to find in the first place) and I just simply hate that they’re leaving town. No more impromptu coffee dates, walks to the Biergarten or crafting sessions. Adding one more friend to the LDR-list and starting from scratch locally. Fun times (NOT)!

* * *

I just made arrangements to see one of my favorite BiSC-uits this summer and I could not be more excited. A few weeks ago, this summer looked pretty dull and so many things were up in the air… but now things are slowly but surely falling into place and it’s turning my whole summer around. I am getting so excited for the next few months!

* * *


Secret rule for the best start into the weekend: freshly baked croissants and coffee on a Friday morning! Win!

* * *

This week temperatures will  be up in the triple digits here in the Central Valley and I don’t see us venturing out much in the scolding heat. Good thing that a) we got our living room A/C unit replaced yesterday (puh!) and b) I have some projects and things to do around the house!


  1. Sounds like you got your AC fixed just in time!!! I wouldn’t venture out in that heat either.

  2. Sorry about your neighbors moving away. Having people you get along with well living around you, makes things so much easier, especially when they become good friends… Hope you’ll get nice new neighbors…

    Did you make the croissants from scratch? They just look delicious. If yes, could you, please, post the recipe? Thx :)

  3. My brain does the same thing. I used to have a complicated process at work when I was a media buyer, that was like solvig a puzzle and when I got stressed I would dream of solving those puzzles. And it only happened when I was stressed. I guess it’s our brains way of processing. Also Yay! LA! so excited woo!

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