Photo of the week: Sunset

Foto der Woche

Another ‘Foto der Woche‘ -Wednesday is here!
How was your week? Did you take lots of pictures?

Here is mGlücklichmacher #9

Photo of the week: Sunset

Sunset  (taken March 4, 2014)

I realized yesterday that I hadn’t really taken many photos this last week and was very thankful when this beautiful sunset presented itself to me just before I left the office last night. I work on the 5th floor and frequently work late, but those breathtaking sunsets right in front of my window surely make up for leaving the office after dark so often these days (can’t wait for DST to begin!).

  1. That’s beautiful :) It’s so gray here in the winter – I don’t think I’ve seen a sunset like that in months!

  2. Love the shades and depth this pic has. Well done!

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