Photo of the week: Dawn

Foto der Woche

Hey fellow photography lovers, it’s time again for the ‘Foto der Woche‘. I am so excited to see where your camera lens took you this last week. If you’re late to the party, read this post (or click the image above) to find out what this project is all about. Juli and Fee make us share our “Glücklichmacher” (= our favorite photo of the week that makes us happy and fills our heart with joy) every week throughout 2014.

My Glücklichmacher #3

Photo of the week: Dawn

Dawn over Guy West Bridge (taken on January 22, 2014)

I get to work pretty early (sometimes too early for my taste), but at least I get to enjoy beautiful sunrises (especially during the winter months when the sun is just peeking up beyond the horizon when I get to work). This was actually taken this morning when I realized ‘Oh my, it’s Wednesday!’ and frantically searched my mind for a picture that I wanted to share this week. Well, this opportunity lent itself to me naturally.

  1. That is a beautiful photo! I loved going for early morning runs and watching the sun rise when I lived in Minneapolis!

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