The holiday season and giveaway winner


You guys, I am in the happiest mood. I simply love the holiday season. I bought this cute star lamp (at IKEA, ha! :)) a week ago and it makes me so happy. We also have a Christmas tree (teeny-tiny and fake, but hey, it’s a tree with lights and ornaments!) setup and candles lit every evening. This is truly the most wonderful time!

Not only, but also because I am flying home for the holidays in only a short week! Until then, I am trying to not have my head explode with all the things I want and need to do beforehand, but enjoy this season to the fullest.

We’ve had J’s mom visit over Thanksgiving (I know that was a week ago) and we had a great time. We played a lot of Scrabble (and I won! Ha!), watched movies, went out for a little bit of shopping and the highlight was going to the theater for “An Irish Christmas” on Sunday night. It really started off the holiday season on the right foot!

This last weekend, J and I ran a lot of Christmas errands, I’ve been working on my Christmas cards (almost done with the crafting! Hooray!) and also found some time to just relax and cozy up at home. On Saturday, we went to the Christkindlmarkt at the Sacramento Turnverein, an annual event that we’ve been to before. J and I weren’t really planning on going this year (as we’ll be going to some ‘real’ German Christmas markets very soon!), but our next door neighbors asked if we’d like to go and it was the perfect opportunity to hang out with them.

Other good things this weekend:

pots of hot tea ♥ stitching ♥  a German movie  (in German) ♥ Christmas shopping ♥ gym time ♥ Mexican food ♥ Christmas cards in the mail ♥ stop at Michaels ♥ watching holiday movies ♥ knitting ♥ baking ♥


Last, but not least, I am thrilled to announce the winner of my little end-of-NaBloPoMo-Christmas-package giveaway.

Screen shot 2013-12-09 at 9.08.47 AM

The True Random Number Generator has spoken and the winner of my little surprise package is Ti! Here’s the favorite holiday memory that she shared in the comments:


Screen shot 2013-12-09 at 8.45.18 AM



I’ll contact you via email shortly to see where you want your surprise package sent.

  1. Any plans on visiting my hometown? If yes tell me when, maybe we will be there too :) If no, we will hopefully meet one day and I hope you and J will have a great time in Germany with your family.

    Happy Holidays

  2. I love that lamp! We make it to Ikea once every 18 months or so … it takes that long to convince Nathan to go again because I might go a *tiny* bit crazy when we’re there :)

  3. That event at the Turnverein looked awesome. I’m so bummed we missed it. My husband is part German and I’ve been wanting to take him to a German event in Sac for a while now!

  4. We have the same lamp at work… :) It makes a really nice warm light. I love it!

  5. I am so very very very excited!!!! In other news, I want to tag along to German Christmas Markets!! I follow a German travel thing on facebook and they have gone through posting pics of all the different ones. Sooooo much want. Hehe. Happy travels! And I was so thrilled when I found out I won I have been singing lady gaga’s APPLAUSE in my head…. Simply bd I am clapping in joy. Hahahahaha

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