28: Things I {am thankful for} Thursday


for (these things and many, many more, in no particular order)…

+ the ability to love and being loved.
+ a wonderful and loving family (all flaws included).
+ friends, both the ones in real life and all the lovely people I’ve met online, the ones I’ve known for a long time and the ones I am just slowly getting to know.
+ people who make me feel loved and appreciated.
+ being an eternal optimist.
+ warm socks and blankets.
+ space heaters (especially in my bathroom).
+ mint chocolate.
+ coffee, coffee and more coffee.
+ being able to go home for Christmas and hug my entire family. It just doesn’t happen often enough.
+ Christmas markets, Glühwein and Reibekuchen.
+ my iPhone which keeps me connected with everyone who is so dear to me. ♥
+ good books and a pot of tea.
+ kindness from strangers.
+ our cozy apartment. It’s small, but it’s ours.
+ opportunities to learn and grow (even if not always pleasant).
+ a job that I love, awesome co-workers and fun projects.
+ being able to pay my bills.
+ good movies that entertain and/or make me think.
+ bad reality TV shows (I mean, come on, sometimes you just need something to zone out).
+ my camera, which allows me to capture and preserve  the special little moments in my life.
+ hugs and smiles.
+ yarn, stamps, and paper,

and, last but not least,

YOUR friendship, love and support and for always coming by my little corner of the Internet.

are you thankful for today?
Happy Thanksgiving, lovelies!


  1. I just want to say that I’m so glad the internet brought you into my life and that I adore you! And I’m so, so glad you’ll get to spend Christmas with your family!

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