It’s almost time for NaBloPoMo 2023

Friends, can you believe it’s almost time for NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) again? For a few years, it felt like I was the only blogger in the whole wide blogosphere who was still keeping it up, but last year, we had a new record number of participants. 13 people signed up – and showed up – and I made some nice new connections in the process! This year, I am determined again to blog my way through November and a few people have brought it up in blog posts recently and I couldn’t be more thrilled to know that other people are thinking about it, too.

What is this NaBloPoMo thing, you ask? In case you haven’t heard of it, it’s a 30-day blogging challenge first launched by Eden Kennedy in 2006. You can read more about it here. Once upon a time, when blogging was all the rage (ha!), there was a strong following with hundreds of participants, but most people have moved on to other platforms or stopped blogging altogether. But I am still writing and participating every year in November.

30 days, 30 blog posts.

That’s it. That is all that is required. This will be my 18th year and who says that we can’t keep this thing going?  

I know, writing for 30 days straight can feel daunting, even stressful. Why would anyone want to do that? I think I just like the challenge and the structured routine and I look forward to it once a year. And you know what usually also happens? The month flies by faster than I thought and I end up with more post ideas than I was able to use in the 30 days. 

And you can all go and take a leaf out of Engie’s book. She has been blogging daily for almost a whole year. It’s doable if you set your mind to it. And hey, I am only asking for 30 days, not 365 – so what are you waiting for? 

There are not going to be any prompts, but I previously shared a post about NaBloPoMo best practices, a list of tips and tricks to make participation more successful and fun. I thought I’d share these tips again, so you can get organized. I suggest – no, encourage! – you plan ahead. Remember, this is about connections. Not every blog post has to be a deep, long, elaborate piece of writing. Sometimes sharing a picture or some random thoughts is all it takes to engage your readers!


I’ve been planning out my November blogging month a bit in advance. I will be posting every day in November, but not every word has been written on the day that it will be posted. I usually prepare a little outline for the month and jot down post ideas for as many days as possible in advance. Drafts are your friends. This leads me to my next tip…


If you’ve been blogging for a while, you probably have had ideas for blog ideas at the most unexpected moments and in the strangest places. My best tip is to write them down immediately (I keep a list on my phone, as I usually have that with me.)


If you have a few minutes to work on your draft, write a few sentences. If you sit down and feel like you can knock out a couple of blog posts because the words are pouring out of you, do it. If you’re on a roll, you have to take advantage. Get it all on (digital) paper while you can. You don’t have to wait until the next day. As a writer/blogger, you know that writing happens naturally most of the time and can’t necessarily be forced.


Another thing that works for me: I try to stay ahead of NaBloPoMo by keeping one or two ready-to-post blog posts in my drafts folder for “emergencies” (hence the ‘write when you can ” advice). While I try to sit down and write/post every day in November, I know that some days will be so busy that I won’t have a lot of time to spend on blogging. For these moments, it’s good to have a blog post waiting in your draft folder.


I have a few regular post formats that I use every month, (e.g. Monthly Link List, Currently, Weekly Run Down, etc.) and of course, I’ll keep up with these posts during NaBloPoMo.


If you come across a great post idea on someone else’s blog – borrow the idea (and give credit when appropriate) and post your own version. Because this is what bloggers do – we inspire each other and share great post ideas!


Leave a little flexibility in your blogging schedule for days when you feel inspired to write something spontaneously. I never know when exactly that is going to happen, but I usually come up with a handful of posts in November that I hadn’t planned/thought of in advance.


This is something I should definitely keep in mind. While it’s my goal to meet the challenge, the world is not going to end if I skip a day. Nobody is keeping score and you’re not going to be punished. After all, NaBloPoMo is just an opportunity to get into a blogging habit, have fun, and connect with other people


I hope you’re excited to come here a little more often in November and I’d be super-stoked if you decided to join me. Please spread the word and invite others. Or, if you just want to be the support squad this year – that’s fine, too!

If you do participate, please use the hashtag #NaBloPoMo2023, so I can find you (and promote your posts!). I’ll keep a running list of participants on my NaBloPoMo page.

  1. I’m excited. I wasn’t going to do it again this year, but with losing my blog and starting again…I think I’m ready for the challenge! It was a lot of fun. I do think I’m going to have to be careful about pacing myself and while I’ll read everyone’s posts…I just can’t comment as much as I did last year (or maybe even respond to all the comments on my posts, which is something I usually do).

    Either way, THANK YOU for organizing this and keeping it going for so long and I’m looking forward to participating. It’s a really fun blogging community event <3

    1. Yay! I am so excited that you’ll be participating again, Elisabeth. I have no doubt you’ll have plenty of posts at the ready… :)

  2. I am really looking forward to participating again. Even though I am not as prepared as in previous years where my buffer posts and the first one would already be sitting reads to be published. But with vacations going on October it’s just not happening to work ahead. And I didn’t want to take the laptop with me.
    Ideas though are plentiful. We’ll see which ones are getting written. Anyhow I am looking forward to November. Thank you for organizing again.

    1. I love that I can always count on you, Tobia. I am sure you’ll do great (even if you don’t go in as prepared as last year!) Looking forward to reading more from you.

  3. I don’t have the headspace/bandwidth to do NaBloPo this year, but I really enjoyed doing it last year and I definitely recommend it! Like you said, it’s all for fun and there are no NaBloPo police who are going to come after you if you miss a day.

    1. I am glad you participated last year and enjoyed it and it’s totally fine if you can’t commit this year.. we’ll gladly have you in the cheer squad :)

  4. I am not sure if I’ll be able to do NaBloPoMo, but I want to. It was really fun last year and I loved getting to know new bloggers and getting new insights into bloggers I was already following. I am so impressed that you have been doing it for 18 years!

    1. I am nothing but consistent LOL It would be great to have you Suzanne and you can always give it a go… and if it’s not doable for one reason or another, no hard feelings! You know we’ll come to your blog no matter what :)

  5. I admire you SO much for this!! I’d like to do it -but I doubt I have that many ideas LOL
    Also, thanks for never giving up blogging! It does seem like so many people have stopped over the years, and it’s been sad to see.

    1. Thanks so much, Kristen. This is sweet. I like that you’re still blogging too ;) and you can always give NaBloPoMo a go, and if you run out of ideas, no worries. There’s no pressure.

  6. Yay! I was so glad to see this post pop up. I’m glad you’re recruiting already! We can do this. I think the hardest part is actually keeping up with commenting on other people’s blogs, rather than the actual posting every day, but maybe that’s my own weirdness. I’m excited!

    1. No it not your own weirdness. Reading and commenting within the community is a whole mother level of involvement in this challenge.

    2. I agree with you, Engie. The hardest part of NaBloPoMo is not just writing, but keeping up with everyone else.. (as you can already tell as I am often late with comments and then I comment in batches on your blog, because I don’t usually have the time to read and comment daily on everyone else’s blog)… but that’s ok, we do what we can and we don’t HAVE TO comment on every single blog post.

  7. Good luck to all you NaBloPoMo-ers, I won’t be participating but I’ll cheer you on. I can’t guarantee I’ll read/ comment on everything, because that’s a lot, but I’ll try!

    1. Thanks friend. Love having you in the cheer squad :)

  8. Guess I will join in, will make me work harder and focus more on posts as I have fallen off the last few years.

    1. Yay, hello! Welcome to the tribe! Excited to get to know you :)

  9. I am contemplating. NaBloPoMo last year was so much fun but I am not sure I can make it work this year (I would like to though). Looking forward to follow along no matter what I decide.

    1. I know it’s a commitment. I loved having you last year, but I understand if you might decide that this year might be too much…. just see how you feel. :)

  10. I will be following along but probably not commenting on all of everybody’s posts, because as Nicole said, that’s a lot! But I will be here, cheering you guys on! I don’t think I will do it myself, as one of the things I love about blogging is the thoughtful comments and the back and forth and I feel that I would not be able to do it all at the same time! You people who can keep up are rockstars!

    1. Understood! Love having you on the cheer squad, Kyria!

  11. You know I wish you well and will be cheering you on. I’ve done this a few years and it is A LOT OF WORK. I’ll read many posts, but not all posts. When so many bloggers do this all at once it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the good stuff being published. I only have so much bandwidth.

    1. I wish I had known you during the hay days, but I love having you along on the cheer squad, friend!

  12. I’m in! As others have said, I am not sure whether I can read and comment on everything, but I will try. Thanks again for hosting!

    1. Yay, so happy you’re joining again, Julie!!

  13. I wasn’t going to do it because I’m going to be travelling, but I think I might start and give it a go. I tried the WordPress app on my iPad and it is pretty easy. That way I can share some of my travels as I go, and use my travel time to write the posts.

    1. Oh yay, that sounds like a great plan, Melissa :) Happy to have you!

  14. I’m excited to do it again this year! Like others have said: The hardest part isn’t the writing, it’s keeping up with everyone else’s posts! I’m just going to do my best. <3

    1. We do the best we can, friend. So glad you’re joining again :)

  15. AHHHHHH I’m scared. I joined and will do my best to write and comment.

    1. So excited to have you, Daria!

  16. I have never done this but will be following along as usual and trying to keep up with commenting which is a challenge in and of itself!

    1. Thanks for the support, friend! :)

  17. I love this idea. I know I’m going to have a lot of auctions to post and keep up with in November, so I don’t now that I can officially do this, but I would like to get more into blogging regularly and scheduling ahead.

    1. You won’t know until you try! Happy to have you, Lauren!

  18. I have never done it though I used to blog almost every day. Lately, I’ve been really struggling to keep up with blogging AND reading/commenting as much as I’d really like to. (Hi, puppy….). I also started my blog during the pandemic, and I think the reality is just that I do not actually have that much free time to blog as I did then!! My issue with the daily blogging thing is that if everyone does it, there is NO WAY I can read all those posts!! Which makes me sad and feel bad…. I have considered doing a separate November challenge where I have to post only posts with less than, I don’t know, 500 words or something. I struggle with keeping my posts shorter because I am just naturally wordy. Ha. But I sometimes have the urge to post, but then don’t, because it just takes me too long to write them. So I thought it might be fun to do a temporary challenge where I CANNOT write more than X number of words, forcing myself to practice being more concise or just giving a real quick update. Then I could stay more in touch but not have to spend an hour writing and editing… We’ll see!

    1. Haha… I know what you mean. I have a hard time keeping up with everyone’s blog posts as is, so that’s not going to change during NaBloPoMo, although I’ll make an effort to write and read/comment as much as possible. It should still be fun, and no chore, so I don’t expect that everybody reads/comments on every single blog post. Shorter post will however make it more likely ;) We’d be happy to have you, Kae :)

  19. Oh, I’m in!!! I’m very excited. Last year was AWESOME and I can’t wait to see who participates this year. Honestly, doing NaBloPoMo brought me more connections and friendships with other bloggers than anything else. So… thank you, San. I never would have even heard of NaBloPoMo if not for you.

    1. Yay Jenny, this makes me so happy. Welcome back!

  20. I’m looking forward to joining in!

  21. […] big shout to San for once again hosting NaBloPoMo. I participated for the first time last year and “met” so many […]

    1. We’d love to have you, Anthea!

  22. I haven’t done this for a few years and now that someone else is doing it, I figure it’s better to ask first before assuming anything :) Is the image above something you want to keep just for your own blog, or is that the “official” NaBloPoMo badge we should (or could if we want) put in our own blogs too, during the month?

    1. Hi Steve! Glad you’re joining us, and yes, please feel free to use the image as your “official” NaBloPoMo badge, if you’d like!

  23. San! Oh my goodness, the joy I felt when I realized you were hosting NaBloPoMo, I cannot even tell you. Every year around this time, I think, “Aww, I miss the good ol’ blogging days…” and this year I thought, “Shoot, why can’t I dive right back in and give it a shot?” Did a quick google to see if there’s even any sort of official NaBloPoMo round-up anymore, and there you were. I’m excited (and a little daunted) to give it a go! I just started a Substack recently so this will be a good way to flex my writing muscles a little more intentionally.
    Probably Tabitha/Just Tabitha/I forget what other blogs I’ve had since knowing you, lol

    1. Tabitha! I haven’t seen your name pop up in a long time… so happy you found your way back here in search of NaBloPoMo! I am so excited that you decided to join us this year :) It’s going to be a lot of fun!

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