A baseball-kinda-weekend


Another weekend flew by and this last one was pretty baseball-heavy around these parts. I must ask: do you watch baseball at all? J and I really, really enjoy the baseball-season and even though I must admit that I have only watched a handful of games in their entirety (mostly because I wasn’t home to watch them), we do enjoy sitting down for some games.

Our favorite team is the Boston Red Sox. I don’t think that comes as a surprise, because J and I both – independently – fell in love with Boston a long time ago. I usually don’t get too obsessed about sports teams, but I would dare to call myself an avid fan and I am happy J and I share the love for the Red Sox. They played the Yankees (= archrival) all weekend and so we were glued to the TV for most of the time. The Red Sox didn’t disappoint and won three games and only narrowly lost the fourth one. Heck yes!

I think it was appropriate that we used their win on Saturday as an excuse to go out for some drinks and burgers at the sports bar around the corner. I really do enjoy the occasional juicy burger, don’t you? It’s something I eat very rarely, but when I do, I am going all out. It was delicious!

We’re already looking forward to the next weekend when the Red Sox play the Yankees again on three consecutive days!

What team do you root for? Are you a baseball or footbal fan?


Other good things this weekend:

sleeping in ♥ TJ’s cold brew coffee ♥ gym time ♥ afternoon naps ♥ ice-cream ♥ Netflix ♥  reading ♥ shopping ♥ phone calls with my family ♥

  1. Yum. Those wings look SO good. My sister mentioned that she was making wings yesterday and I have been craving them ever since!

    I do not care for baseball. I enjoy going to the occasional game at an outdoor stadium, but I more so like the festive environment. The game itself? Kind of bores me to be quite honest. But I am not a sports person in general!

  2. Yum, the burger looks delicious, ideed. It’s the same here, I don’t indulge into fast food very often – but every now and then I just have to. ;-)

    Your weekend sounds exactly like my cup of tea! :) Enjoy your week, xo.

  3. It was only last year that I went to my first baseball game. In person it was okay, but I confess it bores me on tv. I’m a football girl through and through!!

  4. Since I’m born and raised in Boston I’m a die-hard Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, and Celtic’s fan. Let’s ignore the fact all the Celtic’s trades this upcoming season make me severely HEART BROKEN!
    Baseball is kinda boring to watch on TV, but nothing beats actually going to a game. Watching the game at a pub also makes it fun, you can interact more and eat delicious burgers. Sounds like you had a great weekend! :)

  5. Can’t say I’m a huge sports fan, BUT I do love those Red Sox (I guess that happens after living in Boston for a couple of years). I don’t see any of their games here though. They’re not shown and I really can’t care less about the local baseball team (Nationals).

    That food looks yummy!

  6. I’m a hardcore football fan, as in it will basically be my LIFE until February :) Not so much a baseball fan. I’ll watch it and I understand the game, but it just doesn’t bring the same fire to me that football does. I grew up in a football family so I guess that’s where it comes from!

  7. We also had a baseball kind of weekend, because we went to see the Cubbies play at Wriggly field. Unfortunately, they lost. It seems as though every time I root for a team these days they end up losing… I’m a devoted Yankee fan, so let’s not even go there with the loses this past weekend ;)

  8. When you’re born in St. Louis, you cheer for the Cardinals for the rest of your life. Even if you move away, never to return, at the age of 12. Even if you move to another excellent baseball city (Boston). Even if you have lived more years in your current city (Chicago) than you ever did in St. Louis. Even if your current city boasts not one, but two baseball teams. Long story short, I’ve been a lifelong Cardinals fan – thankfully, they’re a pretty fun team to follow!

    Also, my husband is a White Sox fan, which means he detests the Yankees (I think that’s the rule in the American League, right – the Yankees are your #1 team or you want to see them die) … that’s a long way of saying, I was happy to see the Red Sox do so well over the weekend. =)

  9. hurray baseball! seriously my favorite sport. go dodgers! :)

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