Awkward & Awesome


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  • Witnessing two adults act like children and all you can do is shake your head in disbelief. Seriously. I am too old for this.
  •  When I try to understand someone’s behavior and can’t for the life of me make sense of it. Not by any stretch of the imagination.
  • Going to the doctor’s office twice in the last month and being told that I most likely have allergies (without actually testing me) when I am convinced that I do not  have any allergies (since I don’t have typical allergy symptoms). Needless to say, I won’t be taking the Claritin I was prescribed.


  • The people on the Internet! I have met the nicest people and couldn’t be more thankful and can’t wait to meet some of them in only a short few weeks!
  • Unexpected, awesome mail from one of the sweet friends I met online who sent me these lovely postcards of Köln (see above) and some yummy German treats! This girl knows the way to my heart! Also, if you don’t read her blog, you’re missing out. Just sayin’.
  • A super-cute postcard from another dear Internet friend!
  • And more awesome mail from my sister, who sent me a loop scarf that she made for me!
  • Unexpected kindness from strangers. Seriously, it’s the best. (As you can see, I am having a particularly awesome week in regards to people showing me their love and support… how did they know this is exactly what I needed? ♥)
  • A new address stamp that I ordered through “Pick your plum” a few weeks ago. They really have awesome deals! Today I ordered some more Washi Tape. Win!
  • Sending out some mail just because.
  • When I went to the post office on Friday, I started chatting with the postal lady and I told her that I was once a mail carrier during my college years in Germany and that I delivered the mail BY BIKE. She was thunderstruck! Haha!
  • Texting with my cousin Basti who is in Australia right now. He’s following into my footsteps, ha! (And everybody is hoping that he won’t “get stuck” there like I did over here.)
  1. That’s really cool that you delivered the mail by bike. I take it most mail boxes were at the street or sidewalk level and you didn’t have to walk up to the actual home?

    1. No, you have to walk up to the actual home. It’s a nice workout :)

  2. Your awesome really are awesome! And understanding some people’s behavior is something I will never be able either…
    Thanks for the sweet shout out – glad you liked the surprise!
    Hugs xxx

  3. Sorry, I meant your awesomes….oops!

  4. I don’t have to tell you that I LOVE LOVE LOVE these cards!
    Other people’s behavior ???? Don’t even start trying to understand it!
    Koelle Alaaf! :)

  5. I LOVE SNAIL MAIL, but my mailbox hasn’t been getting any action lately. So sad. Glad you are feeling the love, you deserve it! and I would adore details on these adults acting like children… hehehe…

  6. Hehe, thank you for the shout-out! I’m glad the mail finally made it to you. :-) Snail mail is the best, isn’t it? I always plan on sending out more to more people more regularly but then I somehow don’t even send them emails…

    I love that your family is worried that Basti won’t come back. The same happened when I went to Sweden because I had threatened once not to return (when I was in KY) and then with Sweden everyone was worried I’d actually make good on my “threat” this time around, haha. Of course Sweden isn’t as far off as Australia or the States… My cousin Linda is currently contemplating moving to Malaysia for her job (the company made her an AMAZING offer and she’s stayed there for extended periods of time before) and the entire family is like NOOOOOOOOO, and I’m on the other side of the table all by myself trying to convince her to DO IT DO IT DO IT. Why wouldn’t you do these things when you have the opportunity? Also, deciding to stay doesn’t have to mean “forever and ever and ever”. At the same time, I can’t really imagine what it must feel like as a parent to have your child move thousands of miles away. :-/

  7. Where in Australia? I have friends in Sydney and Brisbane.

  8. I hope basti gets “stuck” over here in oz like u did in the us…will give you even “more” reason to come visit me :p miss ya gorgeous xoxo

  9. surprise mail is seriously the best kind of mail, hurray!

  10. Wow – that is really cool that you delivered mail by bike!! What a green way to deliver mail. :)

    Sometimes awkward is how my new team seems to do everything together… walk to lunch, walk to get a snack downstairs, leave around the same time. I am so independent, I don’t really get it. It is nice that they are close and all, but that is just not me….

    Awesome is the fun mail and packages I received this week, and the flowers my parents sent!

  11. You should hope your cousin does get “stuck” so you will have a reason to travel to Australia!

  12. I’ve heard pretty wonderful things about Australia, so I wouldn’t be surprised if your cousin gets “stuck”, hehe.

    Isn’t it unbelievable to see adults acting like children? I witnessed that a few times this weekend. There were drinks involved, but that’s still no excuse for childish behavior.

    I hope you have a great week, San!

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