If you’re reading this in your reader, please click over and check out my brand-new blog design.

It’s been a long time coming and I am so excited to finally show you what I have been working on  for the last few weeks. Today’s launch wouldn’t have been possible without the help of my friend Kat who helped me with some last minute trouble-shooting today, after I had stared at too much code already for the better part of my weekend. Sometimes you miss the forest for the trees (or something like that).

I had been toying with the idea to give my blog a little facelift for a while. After all, it’s been like a year and a half since I did anything with my design. I wanted it to be a little cleaner, a little prettier and with more white space.

Screen shot 2013-03-18 at 11.34.09 AM


I am planning to exchange the blog links with blog buttons eventually. If you have a new button you want me to use, don’t hesitate to email that to me so that everything will be up-to-date!

I am super-excited about the new look!
Let me know what you think and please let me know if you see something that doesn’t look quite right or isn’t working. It always takes a bit to get everything up and running after a re-design!

As always, thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment here.
I appreciate every single one of you.

  1. Uuuh, looks great around here! I’m pretty impressed that you did it all by yourself… :)

    Have a great week. xo.

  2. It looks great San!! Loving it. Very fresh!

  3. I love it! Such a pretty header!

    P.S. You can use V. or Viv for my name if you want – I’m not using my middle name for my blog anymore, decided it was too confusing, hehe. (Talk about confusing.)

  4. Ooh la la! Love the new look! Should I be making a blog button? :-) I hadn’t thought to do that, but I also want to update my layout soon too…

  5. I still love it! ;-) Did you use that same picture in the sidebar before? It looks different to me, lol. SO PRETTY! <3

    Also, thanks for linking to my blog, AGAIN. You have been promoting the heck out of that blog and meanwhile, I fail to even keep up with Scintilla. Gaaah. I'll get to work on a blog button, though. Haha. All The Promotion, Zero New Content. :-P

  6. It looks amazing! Some day I’ll redesign my blog … Maybe :P

  7. I love the new look! I really love clean and simple designs. You did a great job!

  8. Gefällt mir wirklich sehr :)! Die Arbeit hat sich gelohnt.

  9. Looks great! I’ve been thinking of doing a redesign lately, too. Sometimes you just gotta change things up. Love the new look!

  10. I love it! Very… everything you described you hoped it would be. *applause* I do notice that you right side bar is blank when you view a specific blog post, as opposed from the home page. Supposed to go or stay? Doesn’t bug me as it is, just throwing it out there.

  11. oh i love it, so cute!

  12. I love it! It really looks great!!

  13. San, hi! I think I found your link through Lesley’s blog– and was intrigued about another expats’ life. I’m a California girl who now lives in Guatemala. Somehow other expats (regardless of country) get paperwork, 2nd or 3rd languages, cross-cultural marriage and a host of other things better than everyone else : ) Love your blog!

  14. It looks great! I like the clean, fresh look!

  15. Ah, I love the new look! Such a pretty header! xxx

  16. I love it! Everything looks fantastic.

  17. I really like the new look! Awesome job – very impressive!

  18. I am so behind on blog reading so am just getting to your posts! I love the new look – it looks wonderful!!

  19. It looks awesome, lady!!

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