24: Currently Vol. 10


Current Book(s):  “Drift” by Rachel Maddow. I love her show on MSNBC and she’s an interesting writer, too! Do you enjoy non-fiction?

Current Playlist: Pandora Pearl Jam Station.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Thin Mint Chocolates. Holy yum. It’s the start of the holiday season, hooray!

Current Color: dark blue.

Current Drink: vanilla tea.

Current Food: Thai Fried Rice – homemade. It turned out really great. I added some extra vegetables.

Current Favorite Show:  “Sister Wives”  is back! Who else is watching?

Current Wishlist: An iPhone 5. I am probably going to get one when we upgrade our cell phone contract in January. Can’t wait! J might be getting one, too. This would be a first! :)

Current Needs: Some extra hours in the day – I want to get so much stuff done in the next couple of weeks!

Current Bane(s) of my Existence: Not enough hours in the day.

Current Celebrity (Girl) Crush: Emma Watson. I re-watched some Harry Potter over Thanksgiving and I think she’s just so pretty.

Current Outfit: jeans fleece jacket, warm socks.

Current Excitement: Our Christmas trip to Germany. I can’t wait for Christmas markets, hot chocolate and waffles with hot cherries and whipped cream!

Current Link: Here’s a great link with tips on how to take great holiday photos by Kevin & Amanda.


*  *  *

What’s up with you CURRENTLY?

  1. When do you leave for Christmas, and how long will you be gone? So excited you and J will be with your family for Christmas, especially the kids!
    I admit…I watch Sister Wives too.

  2. I’m totally hooked on Sister Wives, I’m also craving an iPhone 5 and vanilla tea sounds amazing right about now.

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