17: Knitting projects

I mentioned earlier this week that I’ve picked up knitting again and it’s been such a fun to get back into it again. I started out with two very easy projects – cowls.

One was knit in a circle (on circular knitting needles) which makes the whole cowl one piece without any seams. The other one was knitted like a normal scarf and then sown together at the very end to make it an infinity scarf that can be wrapped around your neck twice. I used pretty thick, chunky yarn. Not only does it make a really thick, warm cowl, but it also makes for a pretty fast knitting project (both cowls were finished in a day or two).


I first didn’t really like to work with those big knitting needles (Size 13), but I got used to it pretty quickly. This cowl was done with the knit stitch (= garter stitch) only. It rolls up at the ends and it has a smooth texture on the side with the little “v’s” and looks like little half “donuts” on the other. (I have no idea if you call it ‘donuts’, but that’s what it looks like to me).

I cast on 65 stitches on a circular needle (make sure the circular needle is not too long – I used 29 in – or you won’t be able to join in the round) and then knitted 45 rows (but you can make your cowl as narrow or tall as you like… I slipped it over my head a couple of times during the knitting process to see how many more rows I wanted).


The infinity scarf has a chunkier texture due to a pattern that works with a irregular alternation between the knit stitch and purl stitch. I got this pattern from the Lion Brand Yarn Website. I used different yarn then the suggested one and therefore my gauge was a little off. If I was going to knit this scarf again, I would definitely make it a little wider than it is here.


I still like it. It’s warm and cozy and wraps tightly around my neck.


Are you a knitter (or crocheter)? What projects are you working on?

  1. They look great, San! You did an awesome job. :)

  2. Love them, especially the first one! xxx

  3. Cute! I love both projects! I am working on a cowl scarf for my best friend’s birthday right now. I made it in cream for myself earlier this fall and she mentioned she loved it so I am making her one is a creamish gray color. I am really excited to give it to her!

    We will have to do a google hangout one night and knit and catch up! I have started to do that with Kyla and Becky and it is so much fun!!!

  4. You have such great talent! I’m hopeless at knitting but I managed to finish one scarf once…your colors too are beautiful

  5. Those are so pretty! I learned how to knit back in September, but I do not think I have picked up knitting needles since early October! :( In hindsight, I probably chose a horrible time to learn how to knit, with this semester being so crazy. Hopefully I can pick it back up over winter break!

  6. Both of those look great and I especially love the cowl. So pretty!

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