2: Friday Link Love

On singleness and contentment by Stephany (Stephany writes). I really liked Stephany’s candid post about why embracing being single can be a good thing!

On doing what you want by Lexa (Lemmonex). Everyone has a different path to adulthood. And that’s ok.

Snack Time: Brussels Sprout Chips by Elsie (A beautiful mess). As a kid, I was a bit ‘meh’ about brussels sprouts, but now it’s one of my favorite vegetables!

A book that might change your life by Lesley (Barefoot on 45th). As an introvert, I am really intrigued by this book that Lesley is recommending!

The lost art of RSVP-ing by Karen (Holiday from Real). I agree with Karen, I really don’t understand what’s so hard about it.

Wind map  This is seriously cool! Thanks to Nilsa for providing the link!).


Are there any blog posts that you’d like to recommend to me this week?

Happy Friday, peeps

  1. They all sound fantastic! I’m going to check them out, thanks for sharing!


  2. That wind map is amazing! Love brussel sprouts, so I will definitely try that recipe, in fact I just got fresh sprouts today, might even try them right away!
    Happy weekend, dear!
    Hugs xxx

  3. Thanks for the link – I’m glad someone else gets the annoyance. That post was very cathartic to write haha.

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