Awkward & Awesome

The temperature still says "summer", but they skies scream "fall"! #nofilter

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  • I am always at a little bit of a loss when I see how some people ‘behave’ online. It’s like they forget all their manners or something. Very disturbing.
  • The presidential debate last night. On so many levels. Since when does someone ‘win’ a debate (what does that even mean?) by yelling the loudest?
  • It’s October! That means in two months is Christmas! WHAT? Are we ready for this?
  • Waiting to hear back from someone who was pushing me along earlier. What is the deal?


  • There is a 4-day weekend lurking around the corner and we have plans to go to Lake Tahoe. Hooray! ♥
  • Some new recipes that I’ve been trying out this week! I always love when a new recipe turns out to be a success!
  • It’s finally cooling down a bit after the whole month of September had been still very hot here in the Central Valley. I am ready for some cooler temperatures… although I don’t mind wearing my flip flops a little longer ;)
  • Finding some things that I can put on my wish list, so I actually have something to tell people when they ask me what I’d like for Christmas. Heh!
  • Almost winning at Scrabble (I tied with J).
  • It’s my niece’s birthday month. She turns 4! I cannot believe it! Looking forward to seeing her soon!
  1. I don’t really follow American politics (shameful, since I have a degree in political economics!) – but I had to take a step away from twitter/facebook last night! I don’t understand why people can’t discuss politics NICELY. It drives me nuts. I’m planning to try your turkey chili recipe this weekend – I hope it turns out :)

  2. You know what bothers me about Christmas being only two months away?? Retailers ALREADY have their christmas stuff out and ready to go! It makes me so sad, like trying to push christmas out into other months to make a profit takes away a tinsy bit of the magic :(

  3. No one ever wins by threatening Big Bird, or so Facebook tells me. (What a dumb one-liner … it totally took the focus away from every other talking point, of which I understand he had quite a few good ones. Nice one, Mittens.)

  4. Have fun in Tahoe! And I am already listening to Christmas music… haha. So ready! As long as it doesn’t get too cold, ha.

  5. I am so with you on still wearing Flipflops. I love it.
    Greetings from PHX

  6. Hooray, so enjoy the long weekend. :) And I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that you’ll win that next Scrabble game. ;-)


  7. Are you planning a trip to Germany at Christmas? Your neice, four! Already!!!

  8. I can’t watch the debates…. they just annoy me! And I already know who I’m going to vote for and I know a debate won’t change my mind. So I’ll just be quiet and stay away from all the political ads/rants/TV specials until November and quietly cast my vote. :)

    Your niece and my nephew are about the same age! My nephew just turned 4 last week. This age is SO fun!

  9. That is exciting that your niece is turning 4! They grow up so fast, though, don’t they? My oldest nephew is 8 and I still vividly remember when he was born, and it doesn’t seem like it was 8 years ago!

    Awkward: Traveling with my co-worker that I am not a huge fan of.

    Awesome: I am almost done with my stretch of work travel. 2 trips left and then I *think* I get a 2 week break from travel. Woo hoop!

    Awesome #2: I am coming to California in early December. I will likely only be able to spend 1 night in Sacramento, but we should definitely meet up! :)

  10. I love new recipes and Lake Tahoe! What weekend do you get 4 days for!? Jealous!

    Awesome: anything w/ pumpkin. clear days in the city

    Awkward: having to work on Christmas eve (I know it’s a long way away, but still)

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