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This is a regular feature post on my blog. See the archives here.


  • #VEDA – me? in front of a camera? AWKWARD.
  • I accidentally deleted some data at work that are probably not recoverable and even though it wasn’t really my fault, I feel pretty bad about it.
  • Yesterday, the apartment door across the hall was wide open and some complete strangers were sitting on our front porch chatting and drinking wine. They didn’t introduce themselves and our neighbors are on their honeymoon, so I hope those were the house apartment sitters.
  • Working on my resume. Man, I have to keep up with that better. I haven’t looked at it in 5 years. Go figure.
  • I ran errands after the gym on Saturday and a total of three people complimented my rather sweaty-self. Awkward, but also nice! Maybe I should always go out in public after the gym.



  • #VEDA – everybody else? in front of a camera? AWESOME. I already love everybody ♥
  • Cold-brew iced coffee. You guys, I am a believer now.
  • Looking forward to meeting my friend’s new baby girl this weekend!
  • I am having this ‘itch’ to buy a new snowboard bag for this winter. I know, it’s only August, but I found a really cool one on Ebay and I might just have to hit “buy now” this weekend. Bonus points: it matches my recently purchased Dakine Carry-on suitcase!
  • Brunch with a friend that I haven’t seen in much too long.
  • Logging some miles at the gym. I still wish I could run outside (go away, heat!), but it’s better to run indoors than not at all, right? Right.
  • Ice-cream!
  • Finding the perfect birthday present for J’s big 3-0 in October!
  • Looking forward to a weekend trip to SoCal next week and hoping to get some sand between my toes!
  1. I’m not doing VEDA either…partly because I’m awkward and also cause I’m busy! But I’m enjoying all the videos too. People are funny!

  2. I love this post theme. Here are mine:

    Awkward: The fact that I really don’t have much of a relationship with the guy who is supposed to be my boss. I still act like I report to my previous boss.

    Awesome: The fact that my car repair only cost $72 last night. I was expecting much worse!!

  3. The apartment one really is awkward.. haha, really hope they are housesitters.

  4. Awkward: Gaining weight at this weeks Weight Watcher meeting. I know why, but I sure hate to see the number where they are!

    Awesome: I get to go and see my girls next week! I just cannot get enough of holding Savannah and visiting with my daughter!!!

  5. Never heard of #veda, gosh I am so out of the loop! But I will definitely look into it.
    Have a wonderful trip to SoCal!
    Hugs xxx

  6. I watched some of the VEDA videos last year, and you are right; it gives you more of a feel of the person. However, I will not be getting in front of the camera anytime soon. Yikes.

    Awkward? My computer crashed yesterday. Okay maybe that is just scary, not awkward. Also, I am going to a wedding reception tomorrow and I still have not bought a gift. I also have no idea what to buy.

    Awesome? The morning weather in the Bay Area. 50. Overcast. PERFECT for running. Oh and also, I have tomatoes. Hurray.

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