On our Easter weekend

It was a beautiful, beautiful weekend here in Northern California. Perfect for an Easter egg hunt with kids. Since we don’t have any kids and my niece and nephews are hundreds to thousand miles away, we had a very peaceful, laid-back Easter weekend. On “Good Friday”, we had a dentist appointment and even though it was “only” a teeth cleaning, I didn’t really know how “good” the Friday was going to be (I mean, anyone out there who enjoys dentist visits? Not this girl!). As usual, it didn’t turn out as badly as I expected, but I was still glad when I was done and ready to enjoy a beautiful spring day (which included a lot of reading and a three hour-nap. Oops, don’t mind if I do!)

We ran our usual errands on Saturday and got all the chores out of the way. I colored some eggs in the evening (a tad bit of a challenge, when you buy brown eggs – as I always do – and not think about the fact that it might be harder to color those, but they turned out pretty, except for the green colored one on the edge of this picture. The color just wouldn’t stick. The orange ones almost look like regular brown eggs in the picture, although I swear they had a distinct orange color! My favorites were the teal colored ones, though.)


Traditionally, I also always bake an Easter bread (sweet yeast bread) and it really turned out perfectly and it smelled so, so good. I really had to control myself to not try a piece right when it came out of the oven.


We had a really nice Easter breakfast yesterday morning with soft-boiled eggs and plenty of coffee. Since we couldn’t be with family this weekend, we just enjoyed a lazy day at home. I talked with my family in the morning and they sent me some pictures and videos of Greta’s and Tom’s Easter egg hunt (while Greta (3) did all the hunting, Tom (2) was clearly more interested in a kids’ wheelbarrow in which to push the Easter eggs around. Haha!), I skyped with my friend Ulli from Boston, took another nap (what is it with the naps lately?) and we watched a movie in the evening. Perfect end to a wonderful weekend!

E is for egg

Oh, one more thing: I also finished the #twookclub book for April this weekend. The book was “Divergent”  by Veronica Roth and even though YA dystopia is not usually the kind of book genre I enjoy, I found myself pretty captivated by the book and finished it in less than two days. I actually stayed up til 2:45 a.m. on Saturday night to finish it. I am really looking forward to our book discussion this month, because even though I finished the book so quickly (which usually is a good sign, wouldn’t you agree?), I do have some things to say about it.

How was your Easter weekend, peeps?
Did you do anything exciting? Easter egg hunts?
Any other Easter traditions?

  1. Hi San :) Seems like you had a nice Easter weekend except for the dental appointment. Your bread looks divine and I’m so impressed you made it yourself. My Easter was good, with dinner with my parents on Saturday and lots of relaxing on Sunday. Oh yes and some chocolate too!


  2. sounds like a lovely weekend. and somehow i didn’t have hard boiled eggs and now i really need to get on that. and some tasty bread, you’ve inspired me to eat bread, ha.

  3. aren’t softboiled eggs THE bomb. my favoritest breakfast thing, john doesn’t get it and repeatedly tells me that one day i will catch salmonella. come to think of it, he used to tell me that about ‘geraeucherter schinken’ too, only that it wasn’t salmonella it was just “you will get sick from raw meat”. well guess who gets sent schinken on a regular basis from a certain mother-in-law. *cough*freak*cough* sounds like a very mellow easter weekend, ours was too, but we party-ed (partied??? sp????) pretty hard in san antonio the days before.
    see you on twitter and instagram <3

  4. Sounds like you had a very relaxing weekend! I wish we had colored eggs, that’s a tradition I need to get Justin into, even though we don’t have kids yet!

  5. That Easter bread looks SO PRETTY.

  6. hmm, that egg and bread look yum. i don’t even really know what an “easter bread” is to be honest…. i spent easter in ratingen, as you know :) like you said, it’s the best with kids who are all excited about the easter egg hunt :) glad you had a nice weekend! HDGDL!

  7. Der Hefekranz sieht wirklich köstlich aus. Und so schön gelungen…. Ich habe Hunger… :)!

  8. Okay, your bread looks amazing! Recipe please! And I’ve been thinking about reading Divergent too. Saw it in Walmart the other day. Was it really that good?

  9. Mmh…Hefekranz und weiche Eier, lecker!
    Seems like you had a wonderful Easter weekend! We did, too!
    Happy Wednesday xxx

  10. Your Easter eggs are lovely. I think we’ll likely start that tradition with Gavin next year … but kind of love that you do it despite not having kids of your own!

  11. Hi there!
    So how’s your Easter Day? Can’t wait to see you post some photos during that day!
    We have fun too! Kids really enjoyed hunting for the Easter eggs..

  12. The eggs are SO pretty! & that bread looks delicious. It sounds like you had a lovely Easter weekend. I am not one to usually nap but even I had a nap on Sunday! Haha. I was exhausted! It could have been from being sick, though.

  13. I’m really excited to read Divergent. It’s not the genre I normally read, but I’ve heard a lot of great things about it.

    And that bread looks amazingggg. Yum!

  14. Sounds like a lovely Easter weekend! Love the photos you took. Looking forward to our brunch date!

  15. That sounds like a great weekend! I love those relaxing, book reading, weekends. And now I want to get Divergent, but there is a 10 person hold on it at the library!

    I had a fun weekend. I ran a trail race, had dinner with my family and then had Easter brunch with a friend at a bottomless mimosa place.

  16. I am glad you liked Divergent! That was a fast/engaging read for me. I read it back in Feb so some of the details are foggy, but they will come back to me, I’m sure!

    I didn’t have any hard boiled Easter eggs this year! We usually dye them at my parents’, but they didn’t do that this year because things were so chaotic w/ moving into their new lake home… So I missed out on that fun tradition. There’s always next year, I guess!

    I had a wonderful weekend, though. It was good to see family and have a full day off from studying!

  17. San that bread looks absolutely amazing. I’m actually making some plain bread right now and seeing that picture makes me even more excited for when it comes out of the oven.

    Also, I’m basically the only person who didn’t like Divergent. I felt like there wasn’t enough world building going on and never really cared for the characters. I think I’m going to give Insurgent a try anyway, and see if that changes my mind some.

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