Snuggle up… it’s almost winter

november 1, 2006 - day 41

It’s November and it is getting cold. I usually like the cold time of the year, but yesterday I was freezing and didn’t particularly like that. I am not ready for the cold temperatures yet.

Halloween was great. In the afternoon, we went to see some relatives for coffee and cake and for dinner. Later that night, I went to a Halloween party with my friend Ira. Like I said, I didn’t dress up, because I didn’t have a costume and Halloween is just another reason to throw a party over here. We went to a club in Cologne and I swear I maybe saw 10 people who had dressed up. Everybody else was dressed normally – so I was glad that we didn’t desperately try to find a costume. We had a great time. It was the first time in months that we had gone out dancing together.
Something that seriously disturbed me that night was the DJ.

I used to be an active member in our local youth group when I was younger and we organized parties every months. Sometimes the guys would let me put on the music, too, and I’ve learned that you stick with one genre for at least -let’s say- 30 minutes before you switch to something else. You pay attention to your audience. If they like a song that you play, you try to play more songs of the same genre and/or time. Well, the DJ violated every rule possible that night. He played Hip Hop, Punk, Pop, Rock, Oldies and Salsa one after the other. It was really strange. I was suprised that the audience just went along with it. You need to know that I am a little bit picky when it comes to music and I don’t dance to everything… however, I think we made the best of it, because we didn’t leave before 4 a.m. :)

Yesterday was a Holiday [All Saint’s Day] in most parts of Germany. We usually spend this day with the family and the tradition is to visit the graves of deceased relatives and to light candles. I think it’s a nice tradition. It was nice to see all the lit candles on the graves and to see people care about their loved-ones.

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Thanks to Lane.

  1. I’m not ready for the cold temps either, but I did enjoy listening to the rain this morning!

    Thanks for the randomizer links!

  2. Sounds like it turned out to be a nice party even though the DJ messed up!

    I’m still freezing, too! It’s -7 degrees Celsius outside and 18 in my room, but at least it’s sunny and clear! So I hope the sun will warm up my room fast! Stay warm and have a great weekend!

  3. hi sweetie,
    wow san went to a club in cologne. which one was it? i hate it when dj’s don’t pay attention at all what the crowd is enjoying. like playing music that nobody likes and nobody is on the dancefloor. then playing a good song and everybody runs to the floor, then sticking with his own personal taste again and everybody leaves again. *rolleseyes*
    glad you guys had a nice time.
    yes, i am also so not ready for winter temperatures, but hey you will escape from all that pretty soon;-) and spend the rest of our crappy winter in cali:P


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