Blog Positivity Week: A Thank You

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” Friendship isn’t one big thing. It’s a million little things.”

I think I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that all but one or two of my closest friends I met through letter-writing/blogging/the Internet. I used to have a core group of friends when I still lived in Germany, but a break up and a 6000-miles-away-from-home move later, not many of those friends have remained. Since then, I have relied heavily on making friends through my blog and other social media sites. I am not – and never have been – a person who goes out a lot and introduces herself to people, I am usually the quiet observer and hardly ever make the first move IRL. Through my blog, however, I feel more confident to approach people and putting myself out there, because by the time I communicate with people directly through email or chat, we learned so much about each other already that the chances of being rejected are pretty slim (although I am aware that it can still happen).

Today I want to say thank you to the blogoshphere for so many positive experiences and for introducing me to so many amazing people, some of whom have turned into most certainly life-long friends!

I am thankful for the community. Going from being part of a group of friends to literally not having any local friends around has been tough and I appreciate the sense of belonging that my online friends have provided. Even though many of you also live not quite around the corner, I have a place to go to on a daily basis to connect and interact with you.

I am thankful for exchanging encouraging comments, cheerful tweets, little rants and heartfelt “Me, too”s. You don’t know how much those little things make my every day!

I am thankful for the openess. Some of you are incredibly honest and you share your stories and tell your truth without holding back. I admire that and know that by doing so you have touched the lives of many and have also helped others to feel understood and not so alone.

I am thankful for the knowledge and expertise that so many of you share. I’ve learned so much from reading your DIYs, How to’s and most importantly your “This-is-how-I-manage” -posts. It’s so encouraging to know that we can learn so much from each other in so many ways!

I am thankful for the inspiration that I find on blogs on a daily basis. May it be that you’re sharing your favorites products, your favorite books, a quote or a song. Or may it be pointing me in the direction to other, new-to-me blogs. It’s an endless string of inspiration and it’s amazing to venture out and see where every click leads you.

I am thankful for each and every one of you who reads and comments over here. There is nothing better than reaching out to other bloggers and receiving some sort of acknowledgement and feedback back, because for me this is what blogging is all about: connecting.


If you want to learn more about Blog Positivity Week, head over here. You can write your own posts this week and link up! We’d all love you to spread some positivity around the blogosphere!

  1. I can so echo this post, especially since moving here. I’m thankful for you too! :) Just wish I hadn’t moved away before we got more chances to hang out!

  2. I am so glad we have the Internet and all the different possibilities to blog or to write. I think it is amazing to see how many people out there have the gift to write. It is inspiring…but sometimes it still feels weird to know so much about another persons life that you have never met in person. It happened to me twice that I went shopping on base and suddenly somebody said: Hi, you don’t know me, but I know you. I am reading your Blog.

  3. I’m totally the same way. Even though I have quite a few friends in the area, they are old friends that I’ve known forever and are also in completely different places in their lives. Most of them have kids or live a bit further out of the city so I don’t get a chance to see them very often. Social media has been an awesome outlet for me, especially because I prefer to sit back and observe people before I really reach out. Getting to know people online sort of takes the place of the “sit back and observe” phase of the friendship, so once I meet people it’s much more comfortable.

    When are you planning your Seattle trip?

  4. I echo all that you have said in this post. I have met some of my best friends through blogging – and will actually be in a bridesmaid in the weddings of 2 bloggers this summer/fall! So that is a testament to the authenticity of friendships I’ve made. I’ve been blessed to be able to do some awesome blogger meet ups (albeit smaller, more intimate ones as I do not think I could handle the huge ones like BiSC). And I’ve exchanged countless emails. I do have a great group of friends here in Minneapolis, but I’ve still benefited from reaching out through the inter-webs. It’s allowed me to meet people who have things in common with me, whether it be a shared love of reading or running, or someone who has been single at this age (all of my local/college friends are married). So I will be ever thankful for blogging for bringing wonderful people into my life!!

  5. Ich kann dir ebenfalls nachfühlen. Hier trifft man halt auch automatisch Menschen mit ähnlichen oder gleichen Interessen. Das ist wunderschön und man hat sofort eine spezielle Verbindung. Toller Post!

  6. This is lovely and I feel the same way! I am so thankful that we both have “met” and I hope one day we will meet IRL and I will be able to actually give you a great big hug, sweet friend!
    Hugs and have a wonderful weekend! xxx

  7. Lovely post, San! I wholeheartedly agree with it. The blogosphere has been such a great, open place. I’m so happy to have met you and all the other great bloggers out there!

  8. This post made me really happy. Over the past four or five years, my friendships have shifted. While I still have a few friends from college, the majority of those I consider to be among my closest friends, are other bloggers. They get me like most people don’t. Thank you — for your friendship over the past few years!

  9. I thank the world for the internets every day. I didn’t start blogging thinking it would lead me to actual, real life friends, but it has. It’s given me the chance to go beyond my comfort zone and the chance to make some absolutely amazing friendships.

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