Awkward & Awesome


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  • My Mom sent me a package for my birthday and it’s still not here. It’s been almost 4 weeks since she sent it. A friend sent me birthday card and included a little gift which was missing upon arrival. Seriously, I am so over the postal service losing/stealing my stuff all the time.
  • Sending someone an email and asking questions and then getting a reply with only half the questions answered. I get it, sometimes, a questions ‘slips through the cracks’ and sometimes, you might not want to answer a question, but it’s really frustrating to keep a conversation going when more than half of my questions go unanswered. It’s awkward. Just sayin’.
  • Unresolved misunderstandings.


  • Very small purchases that make my heart so very happy. Yesterday I picked up some teal chevron packing paper at the local dollar store and I couldn’t keep smiling about it all night. 
  • My sister (who moved into a new house with her family, hooray!) finally has a landline and Internet again. So happy!
  • New knitting inspiration and new knitting needles. I tend to be long-term invested in a lot of things, but get temporarily obsessed with any one particular area of interest. Right now, it’s knitting and there is so much inspiration out there. It’s kind of ridiculous. I need a clone.
  • I found ‘teawurst‘ at a local grocery store. Do you even know what that means???
  • Sleep. Simple as that. I love to sleep and I love to lie in bed and right now I feel like I can’t have enough of it. I’ve had a lot of early bed-time this week and I don’t care if you judge me for it.
  • Netflix binge watching. Do I need to say any more?
  • NKOTB are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year. ♥  Take that, haters!
  1. I have such a Netflix problem! :)

  2. Ok, it makes me feel old to read that NKOTB is celebrating their 30th anniversary!!

    Awkward: job searching when I work on a trading floor with no walls or privacy… and our conference rooms are ‘fishbowl’ ones where people can see in as they are enclosed in glass. So I can not inconspicuously ever step off the floor and into a conference room to make calls.

    Awesome: Today is my Friday as I head to Savannah tomorrow.

  3. haha…weißt Du, dass ich gestern Abend exakt den gleichen Gedanken hatte: warum antworten Leute auf die Hälfte der Fragen nicht?! Ich kann das auch gar nicht leiden!

    Die NKOTB-Sache hat mich auch etwas schockiert. Die gabs schon, als ich so klein war?!

  4. My local post office can be so infuriating. They’ve lost a number of items and there’s not much I can do about it. I’ve gotten to the point that if I’m sending something, I pay extra to get it sent with a tracking number and to get there at certain day. That’s the only thing that seems to work.

    I’ve just started knitting and sadly haven’t had time in the past several weeks to do much. Hopefully I’ll have a low key weekend soon (not likely)!

  5. The NKOTB 30th Anniversary is SO AWESOME. And so crazy, seriously how did I never put it together that the year I was born was the year they formed? Seriously I was such a tiny tot fan but man do I love them.

  6. Oh, but did you hear? That postal service is going to raise your postage rates in order to ensure they continue to provide crappy service. Ugh.

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