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  • … aaaaand it’s fall. Just like that. After weekend temperatures around 90°F, we had our first thunderstorm yesterday.
  • Does the change in weather mean, I can’t have a craving for ice-cream anymore? No? Ok, good.
  • Steve Jobs died. I know, I had to mention it. It’s been all over Twitter and Facebook. It’s a sad, sad thing that a visionary like him with a butt-load of money could not beat cancer and died at such a young age. (See, I have a point – cancer does not spare the young and healthy, and also not people who can buy the best health insurance in the world three times over. Cancer just sucks.)
  • It’s October. OCTOBER. I mean, in less than 3 months is Christmas. What? I am just getting used to writing “2011” and now the year is almost over again.
  • Door slammers. Some people have never heard of a door knob/handle and it’s driving me nuts. I mean, really.
  • Not being able to see my my Mom for her 62nd birthday last Monday. Have I mentioned lately how much distance sucks?



  • I made my first pot of tea yesterday. And I am wearing socks! Fall is here!
  • Salted Caramel Mocha. Holy heaven. Whoever recommended this is responsible for my new addiction.
  • Thinking about lots and lots of fall recipes… casseroles, stews, baked goods. I can’t wait to use the oven again more often!
  • My cousin started College in Germany this week. I am so excited for him. Part of me would like to be in his shoes again… do College all over again. It was a fantastic time.
  • I am really looking forward to the basketball season. Maybe I’ll give the Sacramento Kings one last chance as this might be their last year in Sacramento (I hope not!)? The live games were always so much fun!
  • A long weekend is upon us. Yay!
  • The new fall TV season started and I am back to watching one current show on TV: Sister Wives. Mostly, because it’s so damn entertaining, but also so I can gossip with my blogger friends Steffi, Kyla and Kerri and anyone else who wants to join in! (Oh, the hair! THE HAIR!)
  • I ♥ my iPhone. The end.
  1. This morning I am feeling overwhelmed. Planning our long awaited vacation, and then daughter drops the news that she wants to get married in St. Lucia (nice) but only wants everyone to fly in on Friday, do the wedding on Saturday and then leave on Sunday. (bad) It will cost more for that weekend then for the entire cruise for two people!

  2. I hate door slammers, too! Can’t stand it! And, I am so sorry for Steve Jobs family…what a great loss!
    I, too, am super happy about October and salted caramel mochas or pumpkin spice lattes…mmh…yummy! I would also love to start college all over again…good times!
    Hope you have a fab day, love!

  3. It’s finally fall-ish here too. I’m so excited! I can’t believe this year went by so fast. I agree about just getting used to writing the year 2011. 2012 feels so far away but it’s not. Scary!

    Count me in for Sister Wives! I need to catch up this weekend. :)

  4. I really need to have a salted caramel mocha. I hear all about them but have never tried it. I need to join the bandwagon. :)

  5. The salted mocha is good, but my heart is still with the pumpkin spice latte. I drink it like it’s my job.

  6. I think my perfect day might be sipping salted caramel mochas while watching sister wives and gossiping with you on twitter ;)

  7. Sorry, I just wrote a book…

    Hahaha, same here! I totally wasn’t used to writing “2011” up until a few weeks ago and in 78 days Christmas is upon us. Major freak out!
    Also, I’m totally with you on your thoughts about Steve Jobs. First of all, of course it touches me how he had such a massive impact on so many people’s life and also how philosophical he was – I had no idea! But second of all, I really said the same to my mother yesterday. Quite amazing that it’s apparently not possible to beat cancer. It is, what it is. He surely had the money to buy the best medicine and get the best treatments in this universe. After all, we are all only humans, not?
    I’m sorry that you’re not able to visit your grandma! :( And what is your cousin going to study? It’s going to be CURAZY to be a first year at any German university this year! It’s unbelievable! I don’t want to swap places with those freshers.
    Doorknob snobs suck, you are so right! Just talked with a fellow student of mine about that sort of people earlier today. And I need to check out that TV series – I’m kind of a sucker for TV series now that the weather just got worse.

    ‘kay, enjoy the looong weekend. Lots of love.

    P.S.: Only 11 holidays? Oh my, that is _very little – compared to German standard. Everybody would start a riot in Germany…

  8. Salted caramel mocha sounds awesome!

  9. Did you watch Sister Wives last night? Did you see the pics when Kody was younger and didn’t have that horrendous hair? ;) I totally thought of you!

  10. I’ve been all about tea since the first chilly day hit. I’ve missed it so, so much and now I’m loving it’s return and I cannot wait to experiment with soups this fall season!

  11. Definitely so sad about Steve Jobs. He revolutionized the way we use technology, no doubt about that!

    And I too am now obsessed with the Salted Caramel Mocha. Nom.

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