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  • I’ve been somewhat on auto-pilot since I got back from Europe. Why is it always so hard to readjust?
  • A situation with a friend has left me feeling let down and disappointed. I usually tend to look for the reasons why things went wrong within my own behavior first, but I am pretty convinced that this time it was not my fault at all. So, I am trying to figure out how to bring it up and set things right again. I hate ‘elephants in the living room’.
  • Cold feet. I frequently have them. J says I have a circulatory problem. I just think it’s because he likes to keep the apartment cooler than I do.
  • The Republican response to the “State of the Union” address by Mitch Daniels. Is it just me, or is this guy just creepy?




  • It’s Thursday and that means it’s aaaalmost time for the weekend! Weee!
  • Trying out new recipes and finding them to be a success! Definitely a keeper for my recipe book!
  • I made some new blog friends. I love when that happens. ♥
  • It’s #twookclub book discussion time this weekend. I am looking forward to talking/tweeting about “The Marriage Plot” by Jeffrey Eugenides this Sunday!
  • I scored the February book for #twookclub through a book swapping website. It should get here any day now. I love when things work out this way!
  • I received a lovely card in response to my Christmas Card Exchange from a reader that usually lurks in the background. It was a really sweet surprise.
  • The “State of the Union” address by president Obama. Like him or not, but this guy is intelligent and has some mad speaking skills. (Also, who couldn’t help but tear up a little bit when he hugged resigning congresswoman Gabby Giffords? Exactly.)
  1. I always have freezing cold hand and feet – even in the middle of the summer. It drives me nuts! Nathan is always warm and I’m always cold – opposites attract :D

  2. I always have cold feet as well and we have floor heating. It’s probably a girl’s thing!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs xxx

  3. Mitch Daniels is most definitely a creep.

  4. reverse culture shock really is the worst isn’t it? Ugh, I do not miss that ONE bit. I still get waves of it, but not nearly to the extent of when I had just gotten home from Greece. It’s so the worst, and I’m REALLY nervous/worried about going through that again after I come home from vacation next month. Hopefully not, though! Oh, and can’t wait for the twookclub chat! It’ll be my first one, I REALLY need to finish this book! I haven’t had anyyyy time to read!!

  5. I am SO excited for the chat! I really, really enjoyed the book but I know there were others who disliked it a LOT so it’ll make for a good discussion!

    And I cannot WAIT for February’s book. I have heard nothing but rave reviews.

    Now, I just need to figure out questions to ask on Sunday night! Woo!

  6. I could listen to Obama read the phonebook to be honest. I love his voice. He always sounds confident!

  7. What book swapping website do you use? I looked into them a while back but it seemed like you always had to SEND a bunch of books before you ever got to receive one!

  8. I think Obama’s SOTU address was one of his best speeches yet. I feel like he’s really grown in the position as President and he just keeps amazing me.

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