I like it…

…when countdowns are coming to an end.

Don’t get me wrong. I like countdowns and the anticipation of a big event is definitely almost as exciting as the event itself, but let’s face it: It just builds up the excitement and the best part comes when the waiting is over.

My parents will be here in 48 hours. Wow! :)

The last couple of days, J and I kept talking about their visit, what we want to do with them here in Los Angeles and where we want to take them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Westwood is called the “New York” of the west coast, or so I heard, and there’s a great selection of shops and restaurants in the area. You can find every culinary treat your heart desires. I think we picked out more restaurants than there are days of their visit, but that just adds to the fun of deciding where to go, doesn’t it?

Since I haven’t started working yet, I’ll be able to travel with them quite a bit and I am very much looking forward to that quality time with my parents and my cousin. On Sunday, we’ll leave for the Grand Canyon. My cousin is going to be so impressed :) It is his first time in the US and I am sure he’ll be quite overwhelmed by the size of this country.

Even though I might not have much time for updating, I’ll try to write here as often as I can to let you know how their stay is going – but I am sure you’ll understand and be patient :)

  1. you have NO IDEA how happy i am for you. enjoy every minute with your family and who knows what the next countdown may be…? HDGDL! :)

    PS: did the card get there finally?

  2. This is so exciting, for all of you.
    Have a wonderful time and enjoy every minute of your parents and your sousin being there!

  3. i am so excited for you love!! oh my gosh!!! and thanks for your sweet email i will write back later. now its only one more day. yea!!!! have fun and get them some of that yummy thai food we had. oh i wish i could be there too. big hug!!!!

  4. Oh, this sounds wonderful!!! You’re gonna have such a great time! Enjoy it to the fullest! Well, what am I saying, I know you will! I’m so happy for you (and a bit jealous ;-))!

  5. Have some nice weeks with your parents.. Your blog won’t run anywhere and we will still be here when you return!


  6. Have a great time with your family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy the free time you have before you start working!!

  7. kim… as i said, i like countdowns *wink*
    p.s. no, your card hasn’t gotten here yet :( you should consider a complaint at the Deutsche Post, hun.

    silke… thanks, silke!

    ute… the thai food is definitely part of the plan ;)

    antje… you know me well already ;)

    marianne… thanks hun. i didn’t expect anything less.

    jess… thanks jess.

    annejelynn… hey, thanks for stopping by.

  8. that is such BS. i mean, it wasn’t anything of value [moneywise] but i put it together myself and it had your key and a couple of photos in it… :(

  9. Have a great time with your parents! I hope you’ll enjoy every minute of it! :)

  10. my parents are coming in 6 weeks and im gonna take them to the grand canyon too of course! have a great time!!

  11. Hope you have an awesome time!!!

  12. Wish you sooo much fun with your family. Enjoy the time. :-)

  13. Oh enjoy every minute of it!! Have fun little girl! Love ya

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