Finish the sentence…

{This meme was sitting in my drafts folder (uncompleted) for quite some time. I don’t remember where I got it from… but still, enjoy.}

Maybe I should try to not overthink every little thing.
I love
spending a whole day in my PJ’s, hanging around the house.
People would say that I’m
thoughtful and considerate.
I don’t understand why there is so much injustice and pain in this world.
When I wake up in the morning I like to just stay under the warm and cozy blanket for another 10 minutes.
I lost my camera once which had the last and only pictures of my very first car on it.
Life is full of
unexpected twists and turns. 
My past is full of
good memories. 
I get annoyed when
people are inconsiderate.
Parties are
the best when you’re hanging out with your best friends.
I wish I had more
time with my family. Distance sucks.
Dogs are
wonderful and great companions.
Cats are lovely creatures.
Tomorrow I’m
going to go to my last crochet class with Amy.
I have low tolerance for
selfish and arrogant people.
I’m totally terrified of
complete darkness.
I wonder why I
used to not be able to say “no” to people. (I’m getting better at it.)
Never in my life have I
intentionally hurt anybody.
High school was
one of the best times ever! (Yes, for real.)
When I’m nervous I
break into a sweat.
One time at a family gathering
I couldn’t stop smiling because of the happiness that being around my family brings me.
Take my advice:
Try to always recognize the good things in your life.
Making my bed
rarely happens on a daily basis.
I’m almost always
thinking about people that are dear to me.
I’m addicted to
salt & vinegar chips.
I want someone to
invent a light-speed travel device so that I can see my family and friends whenever I want.

  1. This just proves what a beautiful person you are–inside and out!!

    1. Thank you, Jamie. That was sweet.

  2. OMG, salt & vinegar chips! They are the tastiest snack (or better junk food) ever! :)

  3. you know, being around your family actually makes me happy, too.
    THAT's how great they are. no wonder it's hard being away from them!
    and yes, you are a wonderful and VERY special person and i miss you!! <3

    1. Ah babe, I miss you, too… and next time I come to visit, you have to come and hang out with me and my family again! ;)

  4. A really nice post and a good idea… Not being able to be close to family really sucks!

    Have a nice day…

  5. dackelprincessmaribeth

    February 23, 2010 at 6:22 am

    I LOVE salt and vinegar chips, but have sworn off them due to my diet! But I love to dip them into homemade clam dip! Nothing is better!!!!

    1. Wow, you’re strong ;)

  6. I would probably finish one or the other sentence the same way…..but for sure the last sentence ;)

    1. I knew you felt the same way! Sigh.

  7. I love memes like this :) I have a hard time saying no too … it's a work in progress! And I definitely wish I had more time with my family …

    1. In case you decide to do the meme on your blog, let me know (ah scratch that, I get your new blog posts in my reader anyway ;)).

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