Goodbye 2009 , Hello 2010

Another year has passed. My goodness.

As I feel a little indifferent about this past year, because it wasn’t the greatest year, though not the worst either, I’ll refrain to recap, but will talk about what changes I’d like to make in the new year.
Although I am not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions, because nobody ever sticks to them, if we are brutally honest, I do have some goals for 2010.

I’d really like to go on more trips with my husband. I’ve (permanently, as a “legal resident”) lived in California with him for three years now, but besides short weekend-trips (I am talking one-nighters) we have not seen much of the state that I call home now, let alone any other states surrounding us. For heaven’s sake, we haven’t even been to Hawaii yet (hello SUPER-BELATED honeymoon?!). Many of my friends back in Germany swoon about the fact that I live in California (= vacation land), but life is still life, people, regardless of where you live, and if you don’t make an effort to take advantage of your surroundings -you know when daily life gets in the way -, then you can easily forget that you have prime vacation spots on your proverbial door step.

I also want to get back into a workout routine. I have seriously been slacking off those last few months, I didn’t even dare to tell you that I – having really been into sports my whole life – could not get myself to go to the gym for almost 6 months. It is getting to a point where I think it is just ridiculous. I don’t even understand it myself, because for God’s sake, I usually LIKE working out,  but when I get home after 6 p.m. these days (and the winter gloom doesn’t help a bit!), I just don’t feel the energy to spend another hour of my already short and precious evenings at the gym. But this has to change.

I am very fortunate that I have never really had a struggle with my weight and even though I didn’t work out, I didn’t gain any significant amount of weight. In fact, I think I only gained a pound or two, if at all, and I would argue that this is still within the area of normal fluctuation. Obviously my metabolism is still good enough to keep up with my food intake. I did realize though that my whole body felt “softer”, not as toned as it used to be or could be and that really bothers me.  There definitely is a difference between a slim body and a toned slim body ;) I prefer the latter. So back to the gym it is – at least 2-3x per week.

In the new year, I want to cook more organic, healthy food. I consider my diet fairly healthy as it is, but I know that I can do better. I cook at home almost every night, which I am proud to say. J and I have made it a goal to not eat out as much, not (only but also) because of the money, but because a) take-out food is usually not that great and b) most of the things that we can whip up at home are and taste so much better. I really only like to go out for food that I cannot easily make at home (like sushi or Thai). If you have good and tasty recipes, using fresh and unprocessed ingredients, please pass them along. I’ll happily do the same.

After having recovered my crafting mojo during the Christmas season, I seriously want to work on some crafting projects this coming year. As soon as I finish the cross-stitching project for the arrival of my sister’s second baby, I am planning to make a matching baby-quilt for her as well. I really believe there is nothing more personal than a handmade gift for your nieces and nephews, which will be passed on to their kids  and then grand-kids (oh sweet delusion!). I am also planning on making all my birthday cards this year myself and possibly some other odds and ends that I cannot think of right now.

I want to become more active in the blogging community, which mainly translates into connecting to and meeting more of the lovely ladies that I’ve met through my blog. Some of you, I met at a blogger meeting in ’08 and it was a wonderful experience, which I’m just dying to have again. Others have repeatedly invited me to come and visit and I seriously want to take you up on that offer. I also want to  reach out and let some of you know that I think you’re beautiful, creative, lovely people and that I’d like to get to know you better. If you’re up for a real-life hug, just let me know. I am in dire need of more girl time this coming year!!

Happy New Year, everyone!
May it bring only good things to you and yours!

Oh and yes,  tomorrow is our wedding anniversary!
J and I got hitched in Vegas exactly four years ago.

  1. Happy anniversary!

    I have the same resolution to become more active in the blogging community. Your crafting projects sound so fun! I should really try to be crafty myself sometime.
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..A very special guest post =-.

  2. Happy anniversary and best wishes for the New Year!

  3. Loved my Christmas card. It was beautiful. I was thinking that while I am on enforced rest for the eye, I might start making Christmas cards for next year.
    Though I cannot exercise yet, I do want to get back to my WW diet.
    .-= Maribeth´s last blog ..Quiet Day =-.

  4. Happy anniversary and happy New Year. I hope you can stick to some or maybe all of your New Years Resolutions….
    San – Hawaii is awesome, go for it ;)
    We decided also to see more of the country next year. I’m excited about this but on the other hand I’m sad because it means I’m not able to see my family and friends in Germany. 15 days paid vacation is not enough to do everything ;)
    Have a wonderful 2010!
    Big Hug
    .-= Tanja´s last blog ..‘Tschuess 2009 / Goodbye 2009 =-.

  5. Happy Anniversary!
    Your resolutions sound good… now you got me thinking…

  6. Happy Anniversary San and Jon! Have a great “Silvester” and I hope that you can stick with your New Years Resolutions!

  7. Happy anniversary to you and Jon! Here’s for a great 2010! Happy New Year!
    .-= Antje´s last blog ..AND THE WINTER FAIRYTALE GOES ON =-.

  8. Happy anniversary and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! :)
    .-= Tinka´s last blog ..How I spent New Years =-.

  9. Happy Anniversary!!!

    You should totally go to Hawaii! It’s amazing there. We are also planning some sort of tropical vacation this year but it all depends on where the Army sends us in August.
    .-= stefanie´s last blog ..Saying good-bye instead of welcoming another year. =-.

  10. awww…I love this post!! Your goals sound great! I also have so many in mind, but I still need time to figure them out…hahaha!! I’m glad you’re my friend! Oh…and thank you SO much for the Christmas card…I loved it!!
    .-= Carolina´s last blog ..Just Watch Me =-.

  11. Happy Anniversary Darl!!!! Hey I didnt know u wanted to go to Hawaii….. We are kinda thinking of going there and doing a Cruise in 2013 (which I know sounds like a long way away but it’ll take us that long to save lol)LU and Miss ya heaps…. Will def get the journal to you bhy the end of the Month :-)

  12. You absolutely must go to Hawaii – it’s amazing and unlike any other place in the world.

    Also, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! How did I not know you got married in Vegas?! Andrew & I got married in Vegas almost two years.
    .-= terra´s last blog ..2009: A Time to Nestle =-.

  13. How was your trip?? Did you enjoy it?
    Miss you, come visit!

  14. Hello! Four months ago you asked how I knew German, and I just saw your question! My grandma grew up in Fulda and so I started taking it in high school and ended up with a degree in it from college (though my grammar is horrendous and my vocabulary is limited.) Now, why is it that Germans love California for vacations?! I haven’t figured that one out yet. hehe. I love your goals and wish you the best in the year to come. <3
    .-= Spatzi´s last blog ..Hello, 2o1o =-.

  15. Trust me… meeting bloggers IRL is about the most fun thing ever. ;-)
    .-= LiLu´s last blog ..Life Just Got a Little Bit Creepier. =-.

  16. Did you ever get to go on a honeymoon? Hawaii sounds absolutely amazing (and you’re so close!). I went to California last year and loved it – I can’t imagine anyone not loving it (although I’d pretty much rather be anywhere than here where it’s sub-minus-zero for at least 5 months out of the year!) I say do it.

    And I’m with you on the slim vs. toned slim idea! My friends get mad at me when I say I want to exercise more (“but you’re already so little! you need to eat more cake!”) – no, I have definitely noticed a little softening and padding forming, and though I’m still a size 2-4, I’m not a healthy or fit size 2-4. I’m with you! Good luck! :)
    .-= Emily Jane´s last blog ..Home is, finally, where the heart is =-.

  17. your goals are extremely similar to mine and that’s super awesome. i guess i’ll start following to see how you’re managing to keep up with your goals (because i’m awful with these things!)
    oh, and, i’ve been in california my WHOLE life, and i barely seen parts of it. so you’re not alone! :)

  18. I’m in a similar boat as you – trying to find motivation to work out when I don’t feel like I need to lose weight. Please tell me you have tips for me, or else I’m just going to be thin but squishy forever.
    .-= Andrea´s last blog ..The One With The Decade =-.

  19. San, these are awesome goals! Happy New Year to you and your hubby!!

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