Belated Greta’s 1st birthday post

My goodness, can you believe it? Last Wednesday was Greta’s first birthday! It’s almost incomprehensible that she’s been part of our family for whole 12 months already. The memories of October, 21 of last year, when my sister called me to tell me that I had become an aunt, are still so very fresh in my mind.

I wanted to blog about it much, much earlier, but I was waiting to get some pictures to go along with the post.  Isn’t she the cutest 1-year-old you’ve ever seen? (I admit, I might be slightly biased.)

Greta's 1st birthday 
(I assume that the “teddy bear jacket” was one of her birthday presents – you know, since winter is just around the corner ;) She needs to stay warm!)
Greta's 1st birthday 
( A bike helmet! And… a somewhat ugly, but very lovable red rocking horse.)

It’s been tough to not be able to be part of the birthday celebration. When I told J that my sister was expecting 25-30 people for her toddler’s 1st birthday, he almost fell over backwards. I guess, he still hasn’t gotten used to the fact that this is what Germans do – we gather; for all possible and impossible occasions.
Didn’t we just have a huge-ass-birthday party for my parents’ 60th birthday? Yes. Why would all those people come again three weeks later? To celebrate (and have coffee and cake, obviously). That’s why. I miss it. I miss the attention family and friends pay to each other. I would bend over backwards to make someone else’s birthday extra-special.

But I digress.

Greta’s birthday was as special as can be. I sent her a card (which, I know she probably doesn’t appreciate much – yet!, but she will later!) and had also bought her a picture book in Kölsch (the Colognial dialect). You should know that my sister and I are HUGE Köln-fans. I own an “I love Köln”-bag and for apparent reason Greta owns an “I love Köln – onesie”. Go figure. Now she also owns the book “Kölsch för et Ströppche” (Colognian for the infant). My sister was thrilled! :)  

Kölsch för et Ströppche

I don’t want to go into the fact that I, of course, missed out on various delicious German pastries and cakes (homemade!), but it reminded me that I definitely have to start baking more again come winter  time.

  1. Happy Birthday Greta!!!

    That is such an awesome little jacket! :) Love it!
    .-= Stefanie´s last blog ..Because I am her big sister. =-.

  2. She really looks adorable! Love her jacket ;)
    .-= Tanja´s last blog ..Darf ich Euch "Dago" vorstellen? / May I indroduce "Dago" to you? =-.

  3. Happy belated birthday Greta! She’s such an adorable girl! Time really has been flying lately!
    .-= Antje´s last blog ..CORNWALL =-.

  4. She really is very cute, The jacket is great!
    .-= Steffi´s last blog ..Protected: Quote No. 1 =-.

  5. Ah what a beauty she is! Her big blue eyes,chubby pink cheeks, and I love her jacket!
    I know what you mean about birthdays and anniversaries. They were always big events with my Papa and Grandma. I grew up thinking that’s how it was for everyone.
    So now, I am a little, almost disappointed when my birthday comes and no one remembers!
    .-= Maribeth´s last blog ..Happiness =-.

  6. awww what a cutie greta is =)

  7. super cute!!! awww where can i get one????? sorry you missed out on it sweets, but the pictures are super cute!!!

  8. Thanks for the comment! I love the randomizer. I also love the name Greta. Happy birthday to her!
    .-= doahleigh´s last blog ..NaBloWhat? =-.

  9. man, she’s the cutest thing. yes, you are biased but she really is exceptionally cute. i have to say. xoxo
    .-= kim´s last blog ..DREAMS =-.

  10. Wow, she’s so adorable! What a cute face! Best, Mikaela
    .-= Mikaela´s last blog ..2 Jahre USA – let’s jump! =-.

  11. Yay..the niece birthday post!! Our little babies are only 5 days apart!

    Aww…I know exactly how you feel and how much love exists for this baby. Isn’t it strange? Sometimes I think people must think I’m weird. But I don’t have my own…and for now…my nephew is MINE too!

    She is precious…seriously!!

    Yay aunties!
    .-= Carolina´s last blog ..Happy “UGLY” Halloween!! =-.

  12. Aww.. Happy Birthday Greta! She is so cute. And I love Rody (the little horse).

  13. She is adorable! Happy Birthday little Greta!

  14. now i had to look for a picture. i think she has your eyes, sweets. lol and i remember you getting that book for her and reading in it with your mom;-) when we were part of the “angebliche suppenküche” hahaha

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