No news is good news?

Not in my case. In my case, I have news and it’s not only good news, but FANTASTIC news.

Something I’ve been wanting to share with you for, oh,.. about a month or so, but couldn’t because I wasn’t allowed to talk about it yet, is:
She’s officially reached the end of the first trimester and it’s safe to say: the baby is doing great!

Ok, wait a minute. Before you start digging through the archives, wondering if your memory is working correctly or if I hadn’t just told you barely eleven months ago that I had become the aunt of a beautiful niece, let me say: This is correct. The new pregnancy wasn’t just a surprise for me, but also for the expecting parents. After it had taken my sister and her husband quite a while to conceive their first child, they didn’t expect it to be easy the second time around, not THAT easy (and so soon) anyway.
After the initial shock, (my sister has just started working again) I think she’s beside herself with joy now. She’s definitely prepared for a second child and by the time the baby is born, Greta will be 17 months old. That is not a bad age difference for siblings, I think.

Honestly, I AM THRILLED. I am thrilled for many reasons;
a. that I am going to be a new aunt again,
b. that my sister will have her dream – of having to two children – fulfilled, and
c. that I am going to see her very, very soon, will be able to touch her new baby belly, and see the happy sparkle in her eyes.
Aren’t pregnant women the most glowing people on the planet?
The downside is that it looks very likely that she’ll have to deal with gestational diabetes once again. She developed it during her first pregnancy and was treated with insulin for the better half of the pregnancy. Fortunately, it went away after Greta was born (even though there was an increased risk of subsequently developing a Type 2 Diabetes.) I am hoping that it’ll be the same this time around.

Of course, I’ve already rummaged through the baby department at le Target again. I just can’t help it. I bought some things for Greta to take back home and I’ll definitely be back to pick out some stuff for the new baby, as soon as we find out the gender. My sister and BIL don’t have a preference, I suppose, (the most important thing is that (s)he’s healthy!), but as much as I would like her to have another girl, because then the two sisters could share clothes and stuff, I think it would be really cool if she had a boy. Just for BIL’s sake (who is he going to play soccer with, otherwise? Although I am sure Greta will be good at that, too, what with her athletic parents!) and to mix it up.
I’ve always wanted a little brother growing up and Greta could have that then! Although I am pretty sure, if she had a little brother, she would probably want a little sister, and vice versa. Human minds are twisted like that.

Hey, but I am sure we’ll take what we get. I am fine with another niece or nephew; either way.

  1. Woohoo – awesome news! Congratulations to you and the parents-to-be-again ;)

  2. Oh that is so great! I had 23 months between Mandy and Katie and they were best friends.
    Here is hoping that Nina has an easy time and no trouble dealing with gestational diabetes.
    Even if she has another girl (smiles) remember, you could (someday) have a boy and then the girls would have a cousin like you two had Basti!

  3. Wooohooo! Congrats to your sister, her husband and Greta!

  4. That is awesome. I am exited for her and you. We have to see each other when you come back. Promise!

  5. man everyone is pregnant!!! so jealous!!! but so happpy for your sister, this is awesome!!! seems like it is a whole lot easier to have kids in germany. most of my friends have at least one if not two. love target!!! :)

  6. That’s SO awesome. I’m so happy for you. That’s really great news.

  7. congrats to the parents-of-two-to-be :-) i wish ur sister all the best for this pregnancy,especially since she had these health issues with Greta!

  8. The girls could play soccer too, couldn’t they? :)

    Congratulations to your sister and family! How exciting and lucky for them! I hope the rest of the journey goes smoothly for them!

    Hope the diabetes works out okay too.

    I know you will love seeing your family, how great will it be to see your nice and your pregnant sister?

  9. haha now im really shocked!!!i could swear i just read your post about being a proud aunt but i love these news!!! so happy for your family! dicken kuss an dich!

  10. congratulations! I know how excited I would be if I had that news!

    I’m excited for you that you go back to Germany soon too!!

  11. Wow, Congratulations to your sister and the whole family! And congrats to Aunt San!! What great news. Especially since you are going to be in Germany so soon. I have to agree with Ute. EVERYBODY is either pregnant right now or just had a baby….it’s unbelievable.

  12. I’m a bit late in reading this – still trying to get caught up but I just had to say WOW – congratulations to your sister! That’s SO exciting and so amazing that baby number 2 is already on the way. How fun!

    And OMG can I just say that I LOVE Target’s baby stuff…

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