15 things I didn’t hate in 2020

It’s so easy to toss out 2020 as a god-awful year and just try to forget about the whole thing, but I am taking inspiration from my friend Terra today and will be sharing a bunch of random things that I actually didn’t hate in 2020.

Join me in lightening up the mood?


I’ve been slacking a little bit, but if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably become quite familiar last year with my Chemex coffeemaker and my mug collection. It’s just been my favorite part of every morning. I used to only make coffee at home on the weekends, but last year, I had the pleasure of the pour-over coffee ritual every single day!


I am (still) not tired of cooking. That doesn’t mean that I don’t wish we could go out to eat and be waited on for a change, but I have not once complained about having to cook for ourselves during this pandemic. I’ve enjoyed – finding and trying – new recipes and adapting them to our liking and we’ve eaten exceptionally well (if I might say so!).


I’ve been basically living in sweat pants and hoodies and it’s been delightful. I think, I wore athleisure 90% of the year and while I wouldn’t mind the occasional occasion to get dressed up wear real clothes, I’ve been most comfortable.


When the world shut down, the gyms shut down too, and I was all of a sudden cut off from access to my early morning spin class and a treadmill. Since I didn’t have to leave the house super-early in the morning anymore and my commute to the office disappeared, I took advantage and transitioned to early morning runs (before work) and enjoyed many magical sunrises over the American River. I mean!


My spin bike was one of the best pandemic purchases and I’ve had so much fun riding #separatebuttogether with Tanja these last few months. It’s been a life saver to be able to get on the bike at any time of the day (even if it’s still dark outside, or if it’s cold and rainy) and get a good sweat on.


I mentioned this before; I’ve lived away from my family and friends for many years now, but – for some reason or another –  we had only occasionally taken advantage of video calls. That all changed last year when, at the beginning of the pandemic, I suddenly had the “pressing urge” to actually see my family. So, we switched from phone calls to video calls and I now “see” my parents and sister a few times a week. It’s wonderful because I do almost feel like I am actually spending time with them in person. If only virtual hugs felt more real!


I spent a lot of time in our backyard last summer and was just so thankful that we have a private, outdoor space that we were able to enjoy (risk-free from encountering other people).


If you know me, you know that I used to have man, many pen pals when I was younger. With the rise of the Internet – and the emergence of blogs (including mine!) – pen palling was naturally replaced with more immediate forms of communication. But, I did get back into the habit of writing actual handwritten letters more often last year (and yes, I am aware that I still owe some of you a reply!). 


I feel so lucky to be stuck in quarantine with Jon. We were already used to spending a ton of time together at home before the pandemic hit, but we also passed the test of being quarantined together for 11 months (+ counting). We have only minimally gotten onto each other’s nerves (not any more than is normal for any relationship – ha!) and have been doing so well weathering another storm in life together. 


I only went a few times, but it was nice to visit my giraffe friends in our old neighborhood.


I didn’t know this when we went into lockdown and were forced to work remotely, but working from home has been a true blessing. I didn’t realize how much it would slow down my day and how much I would enjoy setting my own schedule. (I mean, I am still keeping roughly the same work schedule as before, but I am much more flexible with my time during the day and I actually get up and take a lunch break.)


I was no stranger to bread baking before the pandemic, but being stuck at home as taken my bread baking skills to new levels. I’ve successfully maintained a sourdough starter (actually two!) for almost a whole year and I’ve been baking (almost) every weekend.


As always, blogging has been a wonderful creative outlet for me. I was temporarily paralyzed at the beginning of the lockdown, thrown off by the situation we all collectively found ourselves in, but it’s been so great to maintain connection and some sort of normalcy to the “outside world” through blogging.


Even though I didn’t read nearly as much as I had anticipated (being stuck at home so much), I will never not love the fact that you can pick up a book and go “travel” in your mind. 


I know the holidays were rough for many people last year. It’s my favorite time of the year and even though Jon and I are veterans when it comes to celebrating the holidays alone, last year was a little bit tougher for us, too because we didn’t even have a “choice” if we wanted to travel for Christmas or not. But, I am always hell-bend on making the holiday season as special as possible (and I told you the story about our Christmas tree and how it couldn’t have made me any happier last year) and even though it was just the two of us, we’ll have fond memories of Christmas 2020.

What’s something you didn’t hate in 2020?

  1. I still remember how surprised you where when I told you I would facetime hubby at lunch…. Just a few weeks later it became the new normal for you and your family!
    Well hello – getting the bike and being able to ride with my #pelobestie #seperatebuttogether whenever it fits, was and is one of the best things happening in 2020 (and we will keep that up in 2021!).

  2. I actually have a post in my drafts about the same exact thing! I think that there were a lot of good things in 2020 and it was easy to write it off but I agree with you that we shouldn’t! I did not work from home but went to the office with one other coworker for a long time and we became closer because of it. I also found some great places to run near my house and lots of fun and quirky Oakland neighborhoods and houses! I definitely found a new love for the quilt that my grandmother made me and my instapot, which I use at least once a week!

    There are actually many other things on my list, and although we were unable to travel or hug people, my 2020 was not that bad!

    1. Oh, I’d love to read your list! I think it’s so important to acknowledge when something sucks but also don’t dismiss the good things.

  3. Been lurking your blog for a while (hi), been trying to find some NorCal bloggers to follow :)
    Love the positivity of this list! Everyone knows that 2020 sucked but it’s nice to take a look at all the things that didn’t suck.

    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!

  4. Snail mail has been one of the greatest gifts of 2020 for me. I’m not perfect, but I am doing a better job of sending mail and it makes me really happy. You and I are already on the same page about Christmas. ;) (The decorations on the trees came down today. The trees will probably come down this weekend. It already feels a bit lonely and sad.) I feel like I enjoyed cooking – to some degree – but not being able to be as active as I need to be makes some of my meals guilty pleasures. I did enjoy experimenting a bit in the kitchen though, too.

    1. You really kept the trees up this long… that’s awesome. I love it.

  5. So funny; I was thinking of sharing something similar… I slowed down and started to really smell the flowers and some things did improve because of that weird year we had. And you know, we elected a new pres and that is pretty amazing in my book 😊

    I love your pour over coffee stories and following along on your culinary adventures! I said the same thing to bryan the other day—we’ve eaten pretty well in quarantine! I also just found yeast for bread the other day and now I’m determined to make all the things. I’ll have to look up some recipes. I’m excited!

  6. Testing to make sure you are receiving my comments 😊

  7. Okay so it appears my last comment didn’t go through. Whomp!

    I love following along on your culinary adventures in the kitchen and said as much to B the other day—we’ve eaten pretty well during this pandemic! Also adore your soothing pour over cone stories. PS: finally picked up yeast and an easy to start some bread baking. I’m excited!

    2020 wasn’t all bad and I want to work on a similar post that’s been stuck in my head. Despite all the horrible things that ensued, we elected a new president, got a vaccine rushed to people in need, and learned to show TF down ❤️ Also I discovered some really great loungewear thats both cute and comfortable. 🤪


    1. Oh yay, I am glad you enjoyed the pour-over coffee stories and I am so excited that you’ll start baking bread. Please document and share your successes!

  8. I loved working from home and hope to be able to do so on a part time basis when our office reopens. I also loved that I could wear leggings and comfy clothes every day! And I also established a weekly FaceTime ritual with my parents. I don’t think we FaceTimed regularly before that but now we talk every Saturday morning!

    1. That’s so lovely to hear that you also established a FaceTime routine with your parents! I feel like it really made a difference during pandemic life!

  9. I relate to this so much! There is so much to appreciate and a lot of boils down to little things. I personally loved the slower pace and a lot more time to read! I’d love to hear more about your spin bike! We have been considering getting one and there are so many ($$$) options.

    1. I bought a no-frills spin bike from Amazon (Sunny Health & Fitness) and I am pretty happy with it (will be doing a review pretty soon here on the blog!). I feel like it’s been definitely worth the expense! Do I wish I could have spent $2k+ on a Peloton? Sure… but I didn’t want to be locked into the expensive membership and our ($600) bike has been doing a gret job!

  10. Some things I didn’t hate in 2020: my Peloton, saving some money by not going out to eat all the time, learning to cook, mastering a few baking recipes, wearing leggings every single day

    1. I love so much that you’ve gotten into cooking/baking!

  11. Yesss, love this list! 2020 was such a weird year but there were so many moments of goodness to celebrate! On my list: working from home, reading SO much, one-hour siestas during the workday, and plenty of kitty time :)

    1. Oh, I know that you’ve impraced the quarantine-life in many regards. Introverts like us were probably doing better than other people ;)

  12. This is such a lovely and positive post – I want to write one too!
    I joined Insta at the end of 2019 so it was lovely to see everyone’s stories last year and your morning coffee routine must have been a great start to your day. Your backyard looks so pretty and I’m glad you could enjoy the outdoors – I found spending time in our garden during lockdown (when the restrictions were stricter) made such a difference.

    1. I’d love to read your own positive list!

  13. OK, I’ve hung on to this post for days now, wondering what was positive last year. But you’re absolutely right – there were definitely bright spots throughout the year! For me, it was Zoom calls with my nuclear family, my niece starting college (!), a relative’s major health issues largely resolving thanks to a perceptive doc, and me still having a job with benefits. There are others, of course, many on a smaller scale (daily walks, weather be damned!; unexpected and joy-filled gifts from those who are important to me; and new friendships). Thank you for doing this, and shifting my perspective!

    1. Yes! Zoom calls with family, good health news (amidst a pandemic!) and still having a job with benefits are definitely positive things to remember from 2020!

  14. A lot of these are recognisable! I started making my mid-morning coffee and have a new-found respect for baristas! I’m never going to complain about it being too much.

    And though I will never be able to enjoy my garden fully (very loud neighbours) I’ve been making use of it during the warmer months.

    1. I am sorry about the neighbors. They really can ruin everything ;)

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