Spontaneous shopping spree

I know, I know, in my protected post I talked about maybe getting another bookcase for our living room, but today, I spontaneously decided to invest the $50 in some summer apparel for me instead. Yeah, sue me :)

I couldn’t help it, I am a girl!

Here are my finds:

New sandals

The flats

A girl [= esp. me] can never have enough pretty flat sandals and I just loved the simple, yet elegant look of those. So far, from my walking up and down the store, they seem VERY comfortable.

New peeptoe wege heels

The heels

Ok, those are somewhat unusual for me, because I am not a big fan of the peep toe, but those work for me for several reasons: a) the wedge heel makes them comfortable despite the height of the heel, b) the style is kinda cute and summery and c) they seem really comfortable and I don’t think there’s much possibility for potential blisters [= big plus!]

new dress

The dress

I’ve been looking for some cute summer wrap dresses for a while and even though this one is technically not a wrap dress, the style is similar and I just love the pattern and the color.

I’ve had many people complain that I wear a lot of dark colors like brown and black (hey, I love brown and black and I think those are both colors which always look sophisticated and you can dress them up with some colorful necklaces or scarves), so I am definitely trying to branch out and put some more color in my wardrobe.

You like?

What are your latest summer finds?

  1. Very cute – especially those wedges! Great finds!

  2. Oh my…*jealous look* those peep toes…I love peep toes. They are sooo cute!

  3. The flat sandals and the dress are perfect! Love them!!!
    I am not so much into the peep toes but they look nice too.
    Want to see a picture with you in the dress and the shoes! ;-)

  4. Very good catch ;)
    I bought a couple of weeks ago also wedge heels peep toes – but in yellow with flowers…. They’re so comfi ;)
    Have a great long weekend!

  5. Hi sweets,

    sorry about my long absence but I think I’m back! I really love the dress, I’m sure you’ll look gorgeous in it!

    Big hug and thank you!

  6. Those flats are hawt!

  7. Where did you get that dress? It’s ADORABLE. As are the shoes.

  8. Every time summer comes along…I’m excited for flip flops..cute sandals…pedicures and what not.

    All your buys are very precious and worth the expense! so, where did you get your cute summer buys? I definitely like that you’re infusing color into your wardrobe…I personally love anything bright (especially red)! Summer is the time to do it if any! My favorite summer buys so far, are some cute tanks from Ross…and 2 different pairs of espadrilles…I love em!

  9. I’m a sandals girl and those are awesome! I need to find something similar…

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