Happy Birthday, Basti!

OMG. My LITTLE cousin is turning 18 today!

Basti and San
Basti and I two summers ago at the Grand Canyon

I cannot believe it.
I still remember when I was 15, holding him when he was just a little baby.
Now he’s officially coming of age.

I really, really hate that I can’t be with him and the rest of my family today. I know that my Mom has planned to get everybody together for a surprise birthday party with coffee and cake (“Kalter Hund” and “Eissplittertorte” – two of my childhood favorites!) and I know that Basti will really love it!

Do you have any special memories from your childhood birthday parties? Did your Mom make any special cakes/pastries or were there any special traditions on birthdays?

I just called and talked to him on the phone. He was humble and appreciative of the things people have done for him for his birthday. The fact that he preferred a family party today over hanging out with his friends, tells me a lot.
He’s a good kid, even though it wasn’t always easy for him growing up with a single mom, and it feels good to see that he’s turning into a responsible young man.
I am really thankful for the great relationship that we have (when I asked him what he wants from me for his birthday, his answer was “I wish you could be here on my birthday”. Awww, isn’t that the sweetest thing?)

  1. aww, happy birthday basti! he is a great kid (or more like, young man…) and i’m sure he had a great birthday with your family. :)

    my mom always made cheesecake for me on my birthday (my favorite!) and when i grew up we had a lot of dress-up-parties because my b-day is right around carnival ;)

  2. Happy Birthday to Basti! Now there is a good German B, name!!!
    My favorite cake always for my birthday is dark chocolate cake with butter cream frosting. Love it!
    I also love a big thanksgiving dinner with chestnut stuffing, butternut squash, mashed potatoes and peas, gravy and white meat turkey for my birthday dinner, but I don’t get it because my birthday is a week before Thanksgiving. One can dream! LOL!

  3. Awww…it’s either WAY too early…I got too much sleep…or I’m just way too emotional, but that almost made me cry! I don’t know…I’m weird! That’s sweet of your cousin to say that too you and I’m sorry you couldn’t be there to celebrate with your family! You are strong for being here away from your loved ones!

    I never really had any birthday traditions…when I was 4 my mom made me a cake with a doll on top of it. The doll’s dress matched my own dress and I felt pretty and special :]

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