First Sunday in Advent

Advent starts on the 4th Sunday before Christmas, which means TODAY.
It also marks the day for me to get out my Christmas decoration. Despite all the holiday music and decorations at the stores (which almost started with this 4 weeks ago), I refuse to get myself into a Christmas mood before the 1st Sunday in Advent, or December 1, whichever comes first.

Today, I hung up my Christmas wreath, got out the Advent Calendar (that I bought for J) and played my first Christmas music. I’ll now allow myself to get totally wrapped up into the Christmas spirit and I am counting down the days until we’ll go and see my family! ;)

Today is also November 30th, which equals the last day of NaBloPoMo.


Once again, I made it and posted 30 days in a row. It was fun, even though I felt a couple of times that I needed to squeeze out a post to survive, but overall it was a great experience again.

Here’s to all the great people who persevered and stuck to blogging every single day for the month of November.  I am also looking forward to reading more  from some pretty neat new blogs that I found through NaBloPoMo and that I’ll eventually add to my blogroll! :)

Can’t wait for next year’s challenge again!

  1. woohoo Xmas decorations – we have had ours up for a week now. Every night before story time, sarah gets to turn on all the lights! Its a fun time of year :) and Congrats on posting so much :-) I have lots to catch up on :-) missing ya heaps and hi to J! accidently typed K – glad I fixed it – would have been VERY confusing lmao xoxoxo

  2. I’m with you on postponing all things Christmas until Advent begins. I’m trying to reign in my stress early so I can enjoy the rest of the month.

    I’ve loved getting to know you through NaBloPoMo – thanks for posting every day!

  3. I don’t do it formally, but I do tend to blog every day. My Grandmother always said I was a chatter!

  4. I don’t get wrapped up in Christmas stuff until after Thanksgiving. Before that, it’s just too early and the special feeling would be taken away if I celebrated that far in advance! Great job on blogging everyday. I’m so glad I found your blog, I really enjoy reading it :)

  5. i decorated saturday and it was so much fun, but i definitely need to add to my collection.

  6. i haven’t decorated a thing. ok the shop windows. since i had to;-) but i am not in the mood for xmas at all. usually i am at least into decorating my apartment. but for this year i think i will leave it with the candles and stuff that i already used for the fall time.

  7. I was not even aware of National Blog Posting Month. GREAT! Haha. Congrats on fulfilling the requirement. It is not an easy task to write something every day. It requires a lot of creativity. If you write and nobody reads it then whats the point right? Good job! Take care =)

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