The first fake turkey dinner prepared by moi

Well, this was a fake turkey dinner, because it was not a turkey. It was a chicken.

There was no way I was going to cook a whole freakin’ giant bird for just J and I. No way.
I think for my first attempt to prepare a turkey dinner, a chicken did just fine. Look, you can’t even tell it’s not turkey. Looks just like it :)


And THIS was our entire meal. I think I pretty much outdid myself! I didn’t expect it to look so close to the “original” ;)

Thanksgiving dinner

  1. That looks delicious. I love Turkey and all the different styles everyone has on Thanksgiving. I had a tradiotional oven roasted with my family. Then we vistited a friend who was smoking a turkey outside in an enclosed smoker, very interesting. Then we went to Pete’s house, where we got to have a deep fried turkey. Oh, the crispy, heavenly bird…a must have! I really thank the Universe for not giving me any Tofurkey, I would have had to punch someone in the genitals for that! Ugh!

  2. Wonderful! I did do a turkey for just us two, and then yesterday made a big pot of soup with some of the leftovers. That was yummy for our dinner. Today, it’s turkey sandwiches!

  3. hmmm, it looks VERY yummi. good job! must be the casserole dishes that make our cooking abilities shine :D xoxoxo

  4. I cooked chicken too!!! My best friend & I made 2 cornish game hens on THURSDAY and we just finished the leftovers tonight. I swear to god I don’t want to see another chicken (dead or alive) for 6 months!

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