SPF: Your Ipod/MP3 player

SPF: Your Ipod/MP3 player or how you listen to your tunes

This week Kristine asked us to show our Ipod/MP3 player or how we listen to our tunes.
This is  J’s fancy Bose Ipod Sound Dock Station… really cool and absolutely great to listen to all the music on his 80GB Ipod :) [which is, of course, detachable when I go to the gym :)]

Did you play?? :)

  1. I just melted with envy. It’s just so…..beautiful.

    Happy SPF

  2. VERY fancy! 80 GB? Wow!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. You have the same IPod that my Hubby has- I think. Anyway- happy spf :D

  4. that thing is SUEEEET! i have NO idea how you fill 80GB but i guess with J being a musician and all… well, i know i’m kinda late but i played, too.

  5. Ohhh that looks so shiny. And pretty. Very fancy! :p

  6. Ooooh!!! The Bose listening station!! I’ll bet that kics ASS!!!

  7. i love the ipod sound stations and i wanna have it for the salon. i think it’s great when u think about how lil they are and how many tunes you can play with a great sound.:-) my ipod is my best friend when i work out:-)

  8. Oh what a fancy docking station! Awesome!

  9. That is an awesome set up, Bose makes amazing products. It’s that great German craftsmanship. haha. I have the same stereo that I have had since I was about 12, I’m surprised it even plays C.D.’s. I’ll upgrade some day.

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