This is ballsy

Seriously. The cleaning ladies in my office have quite some balls. I think I can quite surely assume that they’ve been the origin of chocolate disappearing from my office.

My co-worker gave me a belated Christmas present when I returned to the office after New Year’s: a picture frame and some Lindt Lindor Truffels [filled chocolate]. Since the picture frame was intended to stay on my desk, I didn’t take the gifts home and kept the chocolate in the office for extreme cases of regularly occuring sugar lows ;)

I know, chocolate sitting on your desk, an arm’s length away from you is pretty darn tempting, but I swear I only had two or three pieces of the chocolate since I received it.
Yesterday, I realized though that the bag was virtually e.m.p.t.y.
There were three pieces of chocolate left.

Three pieces! Out of… how many do you think fit into a 8.5 oz. bag? 20?
The label says there were about 21 pieces. Well, 21 minus the 3 pieces I ate, there should be 18 left. Yes, mental arithmetic. I am just good at it! :)

Anyways, there were three pieces last night.
I am the last one to leave the office, which means my co-workers, who I wouldn’t suspect to “sneak” chocolate from me anyway, couldn’t have taken it. Also, besides my boss, I am the first one in the office in the mornings and when I came in today there was only ONE piece of chocolate in the bag left.

Can you freakin’ believe this?

Who the hell is stealing my chocolate?

I am going to leave a note on the bag tonight:

Dear secret chocolate eater,
please replace the empty bag with a full one.
I like to share, but this is not sharing. This is rude.


  1. It’s one thing to snag a dime store peppermint and another to touch some one else’s Lindt Truffles! Shame on them!

  2. [insert stephanie tanner voice] “how rude” :)

    i LOVE your note though. let us know if someone reacts to that!!

  3. I don’t believe it. THAT is even stealing.
    Hope, they will replace it.

  4. unbelievable!!!

  5. Oh San, I totally know what you mean!! One of the cleaning staff where I work stole my iPod earbuds and replaced them with totally mangled ones (peeling rubber, exposed wires).

    I left a note saying “Feel free to return my earbuds”.

    They didn’t. I now lock everything up in my desk.

  6. crazy! must be a cleaning lady thing. one time i brought all this chocolate over from germany and left it in my room and after the cleaning ladies went through my room 2 chocolate santa clauses were missing! i was sooooo mad! but of course when i asked them they denied everything, at least i think they did, cause i dont speak spanish. :)

  7. how the heck can someone sneak even the good stuff like lindor. yum. i love your note and i would like to know if you got it replaced. but i am sure the cleaning woman thinks you are suspecting one of your co workers. ppl going through my stuff i would hate anyways. whatever it is.

  8. hehe…such a German. :-)

  9. Excuse my language. But that’s just effed up!

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