Bored again..

… or the never-ending story of finding the perfect WordPress theme.

I know you’ve endured quite the theme-changing here lately, which was first due to the “I am going pink for October!” initiative and then the need to change it back to something non-pink in November. I ended up with this somewhat clean and blue, which I like, but kind of boring layout. It definitely misses a header photo. Something that makes your blog uniquely yours.

This means, I am on the search again.

For the right header photo, and also the right WordPress layout to go along with it.
Do you ever find yourself in the situation that you can’t stand your layout longer than for a couple of weeks? I, who doesn’t like change that much, is confusingly and continuously unsatisfied with the layout of my online home. I wonder if it could be partly due to the fact that a) there are so many cool layouts available now and b) it is just fun to work on a new home :)

So, stay tuned for the re-decoration of this blog.

  1. It looks ok. But you’re right. A little boring! :) I’m sure you’ll find the right layout soon!

  2. Oh I love you other layout sooooo much. :) Get it back in, its great. :)

  3. I am curious what picture you will choose…

  4. I like the clean look, but then again, it’s pretty new and might get boring after a while. A header photo is good in the way that you can change it easily whenever you feel like it. The themes were one of the reasons I moved, because I found them much easier managable than the ones on xanga. I’m gonna spend some time working on my new home, too now.

  5. lol. i love decorating my blog but i dont have time right now so it has been very boring for months. :) good luck with yours hun!

  6. Glad you’re having such a good time! The weather isn’t quite that nice here anymore but still way better than in Germany, and I’ve been enjoying it a lot as well.

  7. Errm yeah,that other comment was intended for Kim. I mixed up your two pages that I had opened at the same time. Duh!
    I do agree with you on that though, you need a header image. You should be able to add one to this theme though, if you play around with the code a little. I have been changing my theme a lot as well, though now I have one I am pretty happy with. I might just change the header some time to a picture that I have taken.

  8. I love your changing layouts!! That’s the fun part about the self hosted wordpress. Can’t wait to see what your next layout it! And now I wanna go change mine, too. Maybe time for a winter theme… hmmmmm! :)

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