Mr. Fall is early…

… at least for California!
This morning when I woke up and stuck my feet out from under my blanket, it dawned on me. Fall is here. And man, it’s even a day early! It is freakin’ cold and “smart me” didn’t expect such a rapid change in weather and is traveling with flipflops ONLY this week. Fun… NOT!
Especially NOT, when it’s raining out side and it’s only 55°F. I am looking forward to going back to Southern California tonight where it might be a little cooler now as well, but at least I do not have to expect rain.
Yesterday we just got lucky here in dowtown, I guess, because all the surrounding areas [including Davis] were hit with severe thunderstorms plus lightning last night.

I really didn’t want to go running under these circumstances, which sucked, because I skipped Monday [because of grocery shopping] and Tuesday [because of my “Sushi Date”] already, but that’s just the way it goes and I’ll definitely use the fitness room back home this weekend. Instead, my roommate and I snuggled up with blankets on the couch last night, drank coffee and watched other people work out and lose weight. We watched “The biggest loser“.
I am sure the one or other of you has heard about this show. I am usually not a big “reality TV” fan, but my roommate watches all these shows [Dr. 90210, The biggest loser and such] and I have to say – it’s kind of relaxing in the evening to just watch some “mindless crap” on TV [without commercials – thanks to TiVo] :) She and I usually have a good time doing that.
Last night, she looked over to me and said “Are you leaving again tomorrow?” and I said “Yeah, it’s Thursday again”…and she replied “Damn, the week goes so fast. I kind of like having you here”. Oh, she’s so sweet :)

  1. Oh my gosh your rommate would totally fit into our coffee break group at work;-) Everybody seems to watch those shows here and they are the dominating conversation subject! Hope you made it safely to a warmer place in your flip flops ;-) have a nice weekend, sweets!

  2. aww, what a sweet comment from her. and totally understandable, if you ask me. you rock as a relaxing snuggling-up-on-the-couch-companion [and lots more of course!] :)

    PS: i love those shows as well. i watch “Dr. 90210” all the time and another show from LA called “sunset tan”, thanks to digital cable and the E! – channel ;)

    besides those i love to watch “goodbye deutschland”, “mein neues leben” and those expatriate-shows. i don’t know why but it just seems comforting to see other people’s lifes and to find out that everyone has problems. it’s different than watching those “perfect” soaps and shows that are so far from reality. at least for me it is :) not that “Dr. 90210” and “sunset tan” are anywhere near my reality – those are just for fun ;)

    *smoochie* and we’ll be in touch on the weekend! about my book and J & your plans for november, how and when and where we’re gonna hook up and all, m’kay?

  3. Hehe. You are getting sucked into all the reality shows just like I did. They truly are relaxing. I love reality shows. :)

  4. yeah, fall was here around august already, which sucks big time. this week we have the perfect indian summer and hopefully it will at least stay for the weekend:-) wow, flipflops in rain suck big time;-)
    i am sure you 2 enjoyed snuggling on the couch with coffee and watch mindless crap;-) don’t we love it sometime? and i would love doing that with you again soon:-) miss ya.

  5. oh how cute!! i love the biggest looser!!! hehe. and tivo!!! hey you know what? its 78 over here! hah! and i thought you got better weather over there. jealous? enjoy your weekend, hi to jon!!! love ya

  6. still around 100°F here in phx… i like it :)

  7. Awwww how sweet of her even though I know you’d rather have J as a permanent “roommate” but still… awwwwwwwww!
    Glad you are enjoying Sacramento so much even though it’s cold.

    Have fun at home this weekend!

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