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The last few days have been kind of hectic… more later.

First of all, I want to say that I had a good Easter weekend. On Saturday, I colored eggs. I used “natural substances” like tea, cherry juice and spinach. The eggs didn’t turn out very colorful, but they still looked very nice.
I also baked a “Hefezopf” [a braided sweet white bread] which my family traditionally eats on Easter Sunday for breakfast – and also very much likes it any other Sunday as well :)
I took all the goodies to Ventura on Sunday and shared it with J’s family. We had lunch with his parents and his Granddad and Great-Uncle at the nursing home. It was fun and a very special time especially for J’s Granddad and Great-Uncle [who are both over 90 years of age].
We spent some more time at J’s parents’ house and got to meet the cat that has been living in their backyard for the last couple of weeks. J called her “Lily” and I wish I could have taken her home. She’s a total sweetheart and so pretty :)

This week has been A LOT of talking about the band. Decisions have to be made about the recordings that they want to put on tape in the coming weeks and I might be a big part of that, because I am going to do a lot of the recording. As long as they’re not signed, I might as well function as their director, camera [wo]man and PR manager all at the same time :) I know that they must be very consumed by what might happen in the coming months and I definitely wouldn’t want to be in their shoes pressure-wise. I admire them, especially J, for their strength and commitment to this band project, because I would never want to expose myself to public opinion as musicians have to do all the time.
I hope you’ll all help to make this happen and as soon as there is something online, I’ll provide you with the links and you can spread the word ;)

Today, we’re going to go to a very famous guitar store in Venice and the guys will pick out an electric guitar which will be hand-build for them in the next couple of weeks. Very famous rock musicians have had the instruments made at the very store I am talking about. This is exciting.

  1. The eggs looks really natural, like it. How did you make them? And you baked the “Hefezopf” (is there a english word for)by yourself. Wow, respect. I bought one. We ate it on Sunday, too.

  2. your hefezopf looks yummy. can i have a piece?

  3. Sounds exciting!!! Good luck to J and his friend!

    Have fun and I can’t wait to hear their music!!

  4. @ tina: I boiled some eggs in tea, some in cherry juice and some in spinach brew and let them sit in the water for about an hour afterwards. Tea and cherry juice worked best.

    @ steffi: sure, come on over :)

    @ Jess: thank you.

  5. Cant wait to hear band footage!! Kudos to you for doing all their PR ad such, I know its alot of work!

    I wish i had your baking skills!! I love to cook, but my baking always falls short…i think its because you can improvise, with baking its more strict and once things go wrong i have no clue how to fix them ;-)

  6. Wow, I think the eggs turned out awesome! And the Hefezopf? YUM.

    You know what? The guys should set up a myspace. Lots of bands have made it because of myspace. It’s worth a try!

  7. man, this really sounds exciting. and one day, when they are all famous, i will be able to say that i saw them perform live on your wedding-day :) wohooo. i should have gotten an autograph back then! *smooch*

  8. Great that you got to brimng some German easter traditions to the Cali! So lovely to spend time with the family on days like that.

    Everything about the band is very exciting!! I’ve been waiting a long time to hear/see them so can’t wait!

    So have these famous people had guitarrs made before or when they were famous? Sounds like an expensive thing to do. ;-)

    Smoochie Sweetie!

  9. This is exiting sweetie! You are gonna be a great manager :-)

    Some news about your living situation? How’s Aaron?

    Have a great weekend – I am gonna be in your time zone in 35 hours… :-D


  10. The eggs look good and the bread looks even better!

  11. wow where do you get these cool ideas from? nice!! the eggs are awesome! and i want hefezopf!!! are you making one when we are coming? hehe. good luck with the band, i am sure is stressing, but it will be so awesome once they are big recording artists. hope you still know us then. hehe. love ya

  12. Thanks for the answer. ;-) Read your SPF tomorrow. *winky*

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