The calm before the storm

october 26, 2006 - day 35

I feel like there is not much interesting stuff happening right now, but at the same time I wish I could already post about all the stuff that is going to happen in the next few weeks, because I am worried I won’t have enough time to post about everything when the time comes. Strange.

I suppose you could say “I am getting ready to emigrate”. That sounds big. Well, it is – I guess. I avoid using the word “emigrate” when I talk about moving to the US. I know that technically “emigrating” is what I’ll be doing, but I still like to see LA as our “temporary” home. I don’t know, but I think very few people move to a different country with the intention to never return to their home country again. The thought of this would scare me.

My days are pretty busy right now [yeah, you wouldn’t think that days can be busy when you don’t have a job ;)]… I usually do some chores around the house in the morning. It makes me feel better about having lived with my parents for the last couple of months. I run some errands, work out, cook lunch and in the afternoon I usually tutor or see people. In between, I try to get my room ready for when I leave, sell stuff on ebay, sort through things and start piles for what I have to fit in my suitcase. I am so glad Jon took one suitcase filled to bursting when he flew back in September. Yet, I am afraid, I will still have a hard time fitting all my stuff into only two suitcases. I mean, come on… you should be at least be allowed to take an extra bag when you move somewhere permanently, don’t you think?
So yeah, I have to make compromises and I really have to work myself through the list that I started weeks ago… I am sure there is still so much missing on that list that I definitely need to get done before I go. Why isn’t there a check list for emigraters? Or is there? Then please would someone point me to the website? ;)

I am kind of freaking out about the changes that are going to happen. I am a little scared, I guess, but I know everything will be fine. Yes, it will be.
[Maybe, if I keep telling me this, I’ll eventually believe it.]
Well, I’ll be with J… and that will make up for all of it ;)

  1. Honey, still time to send me one suitcase – I’m gonna take just one with me. Think about it!!

    I miss you sooo much, looking forward seeing you in NOV!


  2. Oh my, I can just imagine how nervous you must be! I never really had time to worry about everything when I “emigrated”, since it a) happened gradually with first a traineeship, then my thesis, then starting to work and b) Sweden is still just a 8-14 hours carride away. So it was never the big thing, it felt like just moving to another city, which I had done so many times before. I understand what a big step it is to move to CA. And well I guess all the nervousness and excitement are just a part of the deal. But even if CA is FAR away, it’s not out of the world and important things you might forget can be send by post (ooops, did I swear now?) or brought by visitors! The necessary paperwork is the worst part! So breathe out and enjoy the last weeks with your loved ones in Germany!

  3. No kidding you’re busy!

    I couldn’t imagine all the things on your list. You must have a thousand things to do! I totally understand about wanting to write about all the things that are going to happen soon. You’re going to be one busy gal.

    As for leaving Germany, I think I would think of it as temporary too. Leaving with the intent of not coming back would be good hard.

    I totally agree with Antje, make sure you enjoy your time in Germany, because your trip to CA will be here sooner than you expect.

    Keep your chin up San, everything WILL be fine.

  4. Ah ok that explains the photo ;-). I totally would freak out thinking I’d emigrate. But of course you and Jon will hopefully move to Germany at some point again.
    Totally consider sending some things by mail (just maybe not Deutsche Post this time ;-)). I mean 2 suitcases…. uhmmm totally not enough!

    I don’t know a website with an emigration checklist but there’s this book on amazon about moving to the US. It’s probably not really up to date anymore and I could imagine that it focusses more on the first steps over there but maybe it’s helpful and you can find it cheap somewhere.
    *big hug* I’m sure you’ll be super happy once you’re there!

  5. sweety, it’ll be fine. and you know it :)

    of course it’s scary [duh!] but it’s the good type of scary, right? i still think it’s too funny that the BIG changes that we both have been waiting for for so long are now actually happening almost at the same time. november 2006 is definetely a month for both of us to remember!

    i would offer to take something over there for you as well but i don’t know how much help it’d be if your stuff was in IN ;) i could send it on via mail from there though if you want. so think about it. i’m only “allowed” one bag on my way there anyway [so i can take one bag for C on the way back] so i got room…

    if you need help with anything, let me know. for now all i got to offer is a big virtual hug and smooch! HDL, maus! :)

  6. I am sure everything will be fine. But I can kinda feel what you are going through right now. It’s hard to leave everything behind but it also helps you appreciate “home” more, I guess.

    You’ll be fine! Enjoy the time you have with your family and look forward to what lies ahead!

  7. you know im jealous.
    this is too exciting.

  8. oh i love this pic of you btw!

  9. sweetie,
    i am pretty sure you are overwhelmed by everything. the stuff you are waiting for so long. and now the time is there and there are so many things going on in your mind and written down on your lists. so i am sure everything will be fine, eventhough i understand why you are nervous about certain things. and only 2 suitcases IS ridiculous. but i am sure you will find a way.
    hope to see you soon

  10. you will be just so fine. i will have one suitcase on my way t o new york, too. so if you want me to send it from new york to la for you, no problem at all. :) you will just have to drop it at my place.
    anyways… you will make this, girl, you have been waiting for so long now. and it will be way worth it! :)

  11. you look like a freaking supermodel in that picture! holy cow, soooo pretty!!!!! i can only imagine how nervous you must be, but i also know you will be fine!!! i wish i could give you any more tips, but i dont have any idea where to get these informations, so i hope everything will work out!! love ya

  12. hi sannie :) i totally get why you are so excited, i was scared like hell to only live there for a year, but you are moving! but like the girls said, everything will be fine. :) i love your pic too. have a great sunday. *smooch*

  13. Oh sannie, first of all a big hug for you. Like I said before, enjoy your time “at home” as much as you can…times runs fast and pretty soon you have to deal with *I think* is the most difficult task in the hole “emigration thing” – to say goodbye to your family and friends without knowing if you will come back or when it will be possible for you in the future. I am glad I didn’t have to do it – it would have killed me.
    About packing your suitcases, I would suggest, don’t pack to much clothes, but personal items. Clothes is pretty unexpensive here and still easy to sent to you (because of the weight). I got here with two suitcases full of summer clothes…that was it. I wish I would have more of my personal stuff which belonged to my home back in good old Germany. Maybe it sounds weird, but I would sell all my clothes if I could get my “old stuff” over here.

    It will be hard, but everything will be fine, you will see…

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